Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Wednesday, Dec. 16

1.  Some kids have not brought Secret Santa gift yet; pls have it here tomorrow as this is when we are having the game.
2.  Send snacks for our little Christmas party if you are able-Thursday.
3.  Math test- Thursday.
4.  Extra Math group- 2 yellow sheets were dueFriday.
5.  Skate bag with helmet for Friday.  Driver forms went home.
6.  Handwriting letter q,Q plus 2 Grammar sheets- should be done.

Primary Christmas concert was very nice today.  

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tuesday, Dec. 15

1.  Thanks so much to swimming drivers!  Kids had fun!

2.  Math test Thursday.

3.  Secret Santa gift- latest Thursday as we are doing game Thursday.

4.  Skate stuff  including helmet ready for friday.

5. Send snacks in for party on Thursday.  Thanks!

Monday, 14 December 2015

Monday, Dec. 14

1.  Secret Santa gift-ASAP. 
2.  Swim bag and lunch- Tuesday- leave at 12:35. Return at 2:10 for being at school at 2:30.
3.  Driver reminder sheet and other newsletter home.
4.  Party Thursday.  Ask parents if they can send snacks: chips, vegetables, fruit, cookies, etc..
5.  Poetry present home.
6.  Math multiplication with double digits and zeros plus simple division- test is Thursday before party.
7.  Young Artists Entries- bring back any art that you would like to enter.  Contest is not until March but some kids have done great art and may want it entered.  I will keep it safe.  All entries will be returned to student by March or June.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Thursday, Dec. 10

1.  Secret Santa gift due Monday or Tuesday if possible.  Wrap and label his or her name.
2.  Mug for Friday
3.  Spelling test if we have time Friday- STUDY!
4.  Cookies and Art home.  The kids had a lot of fun making dipped chocolate cookies.  They are also bringing home hours of art projects...about 12 beautiful pieces. You may want to frame one or 2 as gifts for for yourself!
5.  Prepare swim bag for Tuesday!
6.  Secret Santa present giving Thursday, plus if parents want to send in any snacks for a small party.  We will be playing a few games and dancing.
7.  Prepare for skating with helmet and skates for last day of school.  Report cards go home too.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Wednesday, Dec.9

1.  Cupcakes for Mrs. Wick's Spirit Club- You can bake cupcakes to help the cause, or just buy one for a dollar if you choose.  Bring or buy on Friday.
2.  Bring a large black garbage bag to take home your art in case you want to frame it or give it to someone for Christmas.
3.  Bring sprinkles, smarties, etc. if you would like "extras" on your cookies we are making Thursday.  Bring a mug in prep for Friday’s Poetry reading.
4.  Study multiplication!!!  There are 6 students struggling with our new unit of simple division because they do not know multiplication facts.  Try to do every night!
5.  Science song projects- bring props Thursday and Friday for Monday's presentations.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Tuesday, Dec. 8

1.  Drivers information sheet for both field trips handed to all kids.
2.  Chocolate/Cookie making is on Thursday- Mrs. A will pick up the cookies, chocolate dippers, etc.   If you want to bring some sprinkles or smarties or gummie bears for the top, you can.
3.  Mrs. A will pick up the hot chocolate, more cookies and marshmallows for the Poetry reading special Friday.  Please bring a mug Thursday or Friday.
4.  Multiplication and division sheets- due tomorrow.  Lots of class time given.  Those who have not memorized multiplication facts will probably take much longer.
5.  Spelling due Thursday.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Thursday, Dec. 3

1.  Handwriting- due Friday
2.  2 field trip forms, plus $5.00 according to letter sent home yesterday- ASAP.
3.  Poetry- all due Friday AM.
4.  Jammies, stuffie day.
5.  Spelling- study for test.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tuesday, Dec. 1

1.  Science/Art skulls drawings- colored and due Wednesday.
2.  2 Math sheets- due Wednesday.
3.  Poetry- entire project that we have worked on since September- all with pictures and colored- including checklist at the front- due Friday.
4.  Paragraph on endangered animals-due Thursday.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Wednesday, Nov. 26

1.  Snowman poetry- if not finished, try to finish on Googledocs at home. 
2.  Math multiplication test on Friday.  Double digit multiplication.
3.  YouTube videos must be written on board for me to preview  to be considered for Friday.
4.  Spelling test Friday.
5.  Bring pic. of drawing of endangered animal of computer if possible for charcoal. art.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Tuesday, Nov. 23

1.  Popcorn- $1.00-bring tomorrow!
2.  Special Friday- YouTube video of 1 minute or less- educational or entertaining.  Teacher must preview by Thursday.
3.  Anyone have aerosol hairspray donation? It is for art!
4.  Spelling-due Wednesday.
5.  Paragraph- due Thurs.
6.  Science song- may want to research facts for group tonight.  Check duotang, notes and Google.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Monday, Nov. 23

1.  Thanks for making sure kids have boots, mitts, hat and jacket.  Unless it is considered an IN day, kids usually have to go out and play.

2.  Popcorn Day is Wednesday.  Bring a dollar Tuesday if you want to order.

3.  Spelling due Wednesday.

4.  Paragraphs due Thursday.  Giving rather than Taking.

5.  Science cards assignemnt- overdue now.

6.  Math page 83- double digit multiplication- due ASAP.

7.  Poetry- Snowman shape poem is overdue now.  Work on coloring the rest.

8.  Extra Math group- take break this week.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Friday, Nov. 20

1.  Science card answers- take home to check neatness, punctuation, spelling, capital usage, etc.. Students have been told, like SS assignments, that it will be difficult to achieve an A letter grade on these assignments if they do not pay attention to overall finished work.
2.  Math review assignments- Most kids got them back and should try to get signed by a parent and return to school Monday.
3.  Mom/Dad poems-try to have pictures and color by Tuesday.
4.  Shape poems- we will work on good copies next week.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

  Tuesday,  Nov. 17

1.  Spelling assignment- due Wednesday.

2.  Paragraphs- due Thursday.

3.  Spelling and Paragraph corrections all the way from September- some kids are behind.    Get the corrections done by Friday!

4.  Science cards- due Monday.  Cards do not go home.  Students are marked are efficiently in class.

5.  Show and Tell special Friday.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Monday, Nov. 16

1.  Spelling Unit 9- due Wednesday.
2.  Paragraph- due Thursday. If parents want to help edit before student hands in for mark, they can. 
3.  Skull human Body art title page- due Friday.
4.  Science cards-as many as student has been able to accomplish in last month.  Due Monday.
5.  SS-Questions, answers and page number from textbook.  Take home tonight and look over for neatness, organization, etc..  Due Tuesday AM.
6.  First draft of mom/dad comparison poems-due Friday.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Friday, Nov. 13

1.  SS questions- extra time- due now on Nov. 17
2.  Science cards- 20 plus, except Math group only 12-due Nov. 20.
3.  Scholastic orders due Mon.
4.  Never poem and Personification poem-on Googledocs if possible- due ASAP.
5.  Science test- folded and returned Monday signed if possible.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Thursday, Nov. 12

1.  Spelling test-study.
2.  Never and personification poems- first drafts due Friday AM- we are typing them Friday afternoon.
3.  Extra Math group- sheets due Friday.
4.  Current events group this week- due Friday.
5.  2 Multiplication sheets- due Friday- lots of time in class given.  Grade 4s only had to do forst sheet but could challenge themselves to second one.
6.  Science tests back Friday or Monday, after i check marking.
7.  Scholastic orders-due Monday.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Tuesday, Nov. 10

1.  Tomorrow students do not come to school.
2.  Bones/Muscles and Heart test- students had a 2min. look at test today.  They were supposed to take duotangs home to study.  Test Thursday.
3.  Spelling corrections- due Friday.
4.  Paragraph corrections- if student got back, due Friday.  If not, more time.
5.  Current events- if it is your week, due Friday.

Students are learning or reviewing double digit multiplication  right now.  Some are going to have a really hard time keeping up if they do not memorize times tables for QUICK recall.  Please keep helping them memorize at home!  Thanks!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Monday, Nov. 9

1.  Donations for poppies if you want to send.
2.  Spelling- due Thursday.
3.  Paragraphs on Friends- due Tuesday.  Most students handed in today.
4.  Scholastic- due Friday.
5.  Science test on bones and muscles- Thursday. We studied in class today and kids were told to take home duotangs to study.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Friday, Nov. 6

1.  Science =try to get a head start on studying muscles and bones for test next Thursday.
2.  Scholastic orders due Monday.
3.  Spelling corrections- due Monday.
4.  Extra Math group- new sheets- due friday.

Students had fun with Soup Can Science races/commercials, Math with Pi/circumference and Andy Warhol art.  All food to food bank soon!  Thanks for all your support.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Thursday, Nov. 5

1.  Last day for bookfair tomorrow.
2.  Grammar tests- signed and rtrnd if possible.
3.  Math- extra group- due Friday.
4.  Special friday- soup can Art, Science, Math- try to figure out what Pi means.
5.  Math page 141 and 325 for grade 5s due Tuesday.
6.  Last day for candy for food Bank- draws for prizes =Friday.  All cans/candy to be delivered to food bank within the next 5 days.  Thank you for your generosity and support! 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Wed. Nov. 4

1.  Book Fair
2.  Candy for Food Bank- thank you!  We will add to cans and food.
3.  Legion poems and art with permission forms due last chance friday.
4.  Grammar test back Thursday.
5.  Spelling- study for Friday.
6.  STUDY times tables daily!
7.  Contractions- ten for Math group, the rest do all- due Thursday
8.  Chocolate Reading sheet and multiples Math sheet should already be handed in or this will affect your report card mark.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Tuesday, Nov. 3

1.  Parts of Speech test wednesday- study.
2.  Cans and candy- I will deliver Friday to food Bank- thank you for your donations!
3.  Math pages from today- due Wednesday.
4.  SS questions- all due Nov. 14th-must be done in class with textbook.
5.  Remembrance Day poems and art- last day for forms and submissions is Friday.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Monday, Nov. 2

1.  Legion poster permission forms should be in, signed by a  parent.
2.  Legion permission forms for a poem could be signed in case the poem is entered.

3.  Adjectives, nouns, verbs, pronouns test Wednesday.  We will practise adjectives more Tuesday.
4.  Math test- score out of 10, but students did not get test back tests until I check them.
5.  Paragraph on Remembrance Day and Spelling assignment Unit 7- due Wednesday.  Kids are told to bring home both books in case parents want to look over and help edit for sp, punct., etc..
6.  Couplets Remembrance Day poem-try to work on Googledocs at home if you want to try to enter into contest.  It is due Friday in good copy, but we have 2 computer periods before that.

BOOK FAIR!!  Mr. Staginnus awaits book, poster, pen and eraser consumers!  Lunch and after school. Credit cards or cash or debit.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Friday, Oct. 30

1.  Thank you for supporting the Food bank with any can or candy donations.

2.  Multiplication test Monday- single digit times 3 and 4 digit numbers, plus a few questions with decimals.  Study

3.  Remembrance Day couplet poem- try to work on Googledocs at home; if not, we will finish what we started on Monday.

4.  Current events group will present on Monday as we were too busy today.

5.  Extra Math group- 3 pages due Friday.

Thank you to all moms and dads for sending in all the awesome veges, fruit, chips and baked!  The kids were very good about not throwing any out, and we have some leftovers for Monday.  I lectured them about bringing home the containers, and some will come home Monday!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Thursday, Oct. 29

1.  Math multiplication drills- pls sign and rtrn.  There are about 8 students who are still not scoring 25 or more out of 30 during the 2.5 minute drill.  This makes difficult multiplication and the upcoming division WAY harder for them, and they will tend to slip further behind in Math.  There is nothing you can do more for your child's self esteem in Math than help them learn their times tables. We practise at school and there is a group that leaves for times tables practice twice per week.  But, the best way is for kids to be asked aloud at home repetitively.  Thank you for continuing to practise!!!

2.  Cans and candy for food Bank- optional- thanks!

3.  Coloring contest of Frankie- due Friday by 8:30 AM.

4.  Multiplication test- single digit by 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers, including some decimals.  Monday- study.  Page 75 for gr. 5 and page 133 for grade 5s due Friday AM-lots of time given in class today.

5.  Snacks for Halloween party- pls send in by 10:00.  We will eat leftovers Monday.  Thanks for your support.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wednesday, Oct. 28

1.  4 page Math booklet/3 pages for Math group- due Friday.

2.  Cans and Candy- ASAP- candy may come after Halloween of course!  Thanks for your support to the Food Bank.

3.  Scholastic Orders- due Monday.

4.  Legion art contest- I need forms soon so we can glue to back of art.  Send by Monday signed pls.

Halloween Party- after recess-pls send snacks if you are able to, in AM and we will place on back table.  Costumes, pajamas or orange and black wear are optional.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tuesday, Oct. 27

1.  Remembrance day Poster contest form signed by parent- due ASAP.
2.  Science- take duotang home and begin to memorize names of bones and muscles.  Test will be next week and we will study in class and do another lab and watch another video first.
3.  Cans and candy- for food Bank- optional.  Any Food accepted.  Candy may come in after Halloween!
4.  Math- gr. 4 -pg 131             gr. 5, pg 71                    due Wednesday AM.

5.  Spelling- due Wednesday.  Test Friday.  Paragraph- due Thursday,  but we will read them aloud Wednesday.

6.  Scholastic- due Monday.

7.  Poetry project-  4 or 6 Haikus completely done, Alliteration with pics/color done, Limerick- nearly done.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Monday, Oct. 26

1.  Overdue Green cue cards for French.
2.  Spelling unit 6 plus corrections from unit 1 to 5- due wednesday.
3.  Paragraph on Halloween safety/history-due Thursday.
4.  Toilet paper roll or 2 if possible. full one for mummy game.
5.  Scholastic orders- due Monday.
6.  Cans (or other food like pasta) to optionally donate to our class for Food Bank.  After Halloween, we are also asking kids to bring 5 or more chocolates or candy from their bag if possible to donate for kids at Food Bank as well. Thanks!
7.  Halloween games and snacks this Friday- please send in snacks before 10:00, as we will begin after recess.   Any leftovers will be saved for Monday.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Thursday, Oct. 22

1.  Some students did not hand in their green French cue card study sheets which are for 10 marks.  Please get these in by Monday.

2.  Alliteration pictures and color- can work on if time over 3 day break.  Same with Remembrance Day Posters=optional.

3.  French tests plus Math tests- bring home if I have handed back to you and get signed/bring back if possible.

4.  Halloween Party on Friday, Oct. 30- between recess and lunch.  Please ask about the snack or drink you signed up for and confirm Monday.  Please bring 1 or 2 toilet paper rolls if you can for our MUMMY game. Wear costume (prizes) or jammies or regular clothes.  If costume, please avoid weapons or anything which prevents you from doing work at other times of the day.
Also, we are doing CANS and CANDY for more needy kids- Please send in 1 or 2 cans(or pasta, etc.) of food if you are able to in next 2 weeks.
 If you send in a can of food (soup, chilli, tomato sauce, etc.), then we can have soup can races for Science and maybe graph the data/Math before I take to the Food Bank Kids are encouraged to choose 5 or more pieces of candy to bring in and we will send a bag of treats with our food to the Food Bank.  I have worked at the Food Bank and although healthy foods are best to donate, people also enjoy getting treats once in a while.  Thank you and all is optional; you may opt out of any fund raising/charity we do...of course.

Thanks for reading the BLOG and I appreciate being able to meet with parents the last couple days.  If you did not come meet, please feel free to mail me and ask questions or set up an appt..

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Wednesday, Oct. 21

1.  French quiz Thursday- we all studied with cue cards in class today. Bring home duotang to look over.  Try to remember that a lot of your mark in French is for your oral participation, but quizzes and tests count as well.  Spelling French words correctly does not count on tests, but it is a good idea to try to spell correctly.
2.  Math test # 2 - adding and subtracting decimals- Thursday.  Try to reinforce that numbers that seem like they do not have decimals really have the decimal at the end:

25   is really 25.0

3.  Remembrance Day Poster Contest- working on it at home is optional right now.

4.   Alliterations-try to have these "fixed" and ready for pictures by Thursday.

Some students have been very loud, screaming in the hallways during class time, whether they are going to the bathroom or finished work and heading out for a lap or 2.  Yesterday, I had to tell the whole class that there was no more running for the day.
 We will continue to do our laps as usual but there may be a couple kids who are not permitted for a few days.  We need to respect other classes who are trying to work, especially if I allow students to get up and do laps throughout the day.  Thanks for reinforcing this with your kids.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Monday and tuesday, Oct. 19 and 20

1.  Wed. and Thurs.-school out at 12:30 both days.  Friday is a Pro. D.

2.  Alliterations should be typed, correcting any mistakes.  If you did not finish in the Lab, you need to try to finish on Googledocs at home or go to Lab at lunch or free time.

3.  Math second adding/subtracting with decimals test- Thursday-study.
4.  French- Numbers 1 to 10, body parts, colors- Thursday- Study at school Wednesday at home! 
5.  Extra Math group- Pro D  friday- work due Monday.
6.  Remembrance Day art- optional at home.  BRING back to school.
7. Current Events kids- due Thursday.
8.  Spelling test- May or may not be a test Thursday- study and prepare.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Friday, Oct. 16

1.  Overdue Haikus- 4 or 6, drawn and colored as well.
2.  French Quiz on numbers 1 to 10, body parts and colors- Thursday- study a bit at home.  All students were supposed to bring French duotangs home this weekend to look over.
3.  Math- pg 60 or 78-please try to get evens only done if you did not finish in class this afternoon. This would be a total of 8 to 10 questions and hopefully, you finished some in class.

Remember parent teacher interviews are coming up this week. Pls see board by office for a spot if you would like to meet.

Thanks for all the awesome healthy variety of fruit and vegetables; the kids were really well behaved and they shared and cooperated.  Thanks for your support to send food in.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Thursday, Oct. 15

1.  Study multiplication for accuracy AND speed.  Thanks...scores are improving a ton!
2.  Study for Spelling test.
3.  French test on numbers 1 to 10, body parts and colors-next thursday AM.
4.  Extra Math group- due Friday
5.  Special Friday- Fruits and Vegetables and maybe a movie.
6.  Students should have all 4 or 6 Haikus typed, drawn and colored, plus they should have handed in their typed first drafts of Alliterations and Limericks.

A couple notes:

1.  I have3 or 4 students each morning telling me at 8:25 that they cannot run.  Or sometimes, even walk.  I am fine with kids running or walking in the AM, as long as we are getting exercise and pumped for the day.  But I would really appreciate a note from a doctor or parent if students are going to be permitted to sit (and do a worksheet now). Agenda note or e-mail is fine; I do not need a long explanation.   If this is the case, Mrs. Oryschak will not be able to allow them to participate in Gym class either.

2.  I have had a few requests for retests.  I cannot give retests any more; it takes up too much time away from the group of 29 students and regular duties of marking and prepping. It takes considerable time to make  new tests, administer new tests, find a place for students to take a new test, mark new tests and review new tests. I sincerely hope you understand.  If I get time during silent reading, I try to call students up who have not scored well on a test and review with them and then offer them a few questions to show me they now understand the concept.  This understanding is noted in my mark book.  If they still do not understand, then I try to send practice questions home or see if our highly in demand support worker can come work with a student one to one.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Wednesday, Oct. 14

1.  Paragraph-due Tuesday,  Parents, you may be too busy, but if you get a chance, pls remember that you can edit paragraphs for spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Not for their ideas.  The students must remember to actually change your recommendations, not just leave your editing as it is.  Thanks.
2.  Spelling test friday.  Study the sheet.
3.  French- body parts and numbers one to ten test next Thursday.  All vocabulary is in their French duotangs and we will practise more in class.
4.  Continents and Math tests home today.  Please look and sign if time.
5.  Current events people-due Friday
6.  Extra Math group- due Friday or Monday.
7.  Special Friday- Fruits and Vegetables to bring in if possible to share with your group.  Movie.  Students earn Special Friday by trying to use class time efficiently, and being silent when expected for work periods.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Tuesday, Oct. 13

1.  Parent teacher interviews are Oct. 21/22.  If you have met with me already, you could always sign up for a mtg at a later date. 
There are still 4 or 5 openings.  Mtgs are 14 minutes and then transition time for the next mtg.  Thanks for respecting this so the next parent does not get less time.  If you require more time or cannot make a time on Oct. 21/22, then pls e-mail me and we will fix you up with a mtg at a later date.
2.  Photo day is Thursday.
3.  Spelling assignment-due Wednesday if possible.
4.  Spelling test- Friday
5.  Paragraph about weekend- due Thursday.
6.  SS Quiz mark out of 10 and 7.  Math quiz mark out of 5 and 5.  Pls tell parents until I check and send tests home.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Friday, Oct. 9

1.  Continents and Math test-bring home books to study- tests are Tuesday.
2.  Haikus and Alliterations- optional to work on at home, but keep in mind that Haikus should be checked by teacher, printed out and pictures/color are complete or almost complete.  This is a long term project so you need to manage your time!

Have a great long weekend!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Thursday, Oct. 8

1.  Current events next week- due Wed.- Lucas B, Nayte, Xander, Hanna, Priya, Ryder. 
2.  Spelling due Friday. Test Friday. 
3.  Special Friday- Board games- bring if possible.
4.  Continents and other info. test Tuesday- study.
5.  Adding and subtracting with decimals- test Tuesday.
6.  Extra Math group sheets- due Friday.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Wednesday, Oct. 7

1.  Special Friday if lunch behaviour improves- Board Games afternoon.
2.  Parent Teacher interviews-sign up outside office- if time does not work for you, please email me and we will set a mtg up earlier or later than Oct. 21 and 22.
3.  Continents plus other info. test- studied today as a class.  Test is Tuesday.
4.  Grammar tests-home and signed and returned if possible.  Great scores!
5.  Math pg 63 for gr. 4, pg. 53 for gr. 5- most finished but some have homework-due Thursday if possible; otherwise Friday.
6.  Addition and Subtraction test- larger digits and with decimals(line them up!) Test is Tuesday.

Please note that a few kids are chronically losing or not handing in assignments.  I will begin informing parents by way of a little note attached to agenda. So far, most students have everything in, but that is with many reminders from me.
 After I remind and I staple a note in agenda, I am going to stop asking, as it is taking up too much teaching and learning time.  Thanks for your support.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Tuesday, Oct. 6

1.  Grammar tests will go home soon, after to check over and record.
2.  Continents quiz- Monday-I'll give students time to study with a group in class.  Studying at home usually helps improve their score.
3.  Spelling assignments- due Wednesday or Thursday.  Test Friday.
4.  Math times tables- STUDY!!!  Rounding test home today for you to sign and return if possible.

Please note: Average homework time is about 20-25 study multiplication, study for a quiz or finish 5 to 15 minutes of an assignment. I am asking kids to raise hands at the end of the day, as well as observe their duotangs and work completed, in order to ascertain how much to assign. If your child has a whole lot more than that, you may need to e-mail me so we can discuss things.
Also, parent teacher interviews are on Oct. 21 and 22 and sign ups are outside the office. If you cannot make one of those times, you can mail me at and we will set up something before or after those dates.  If I have already met with you, you may want to wait until you feel you need another mtg and then get hold of me.
Lastly, the secretary would like all parents to phone the office if you know your child be be absent.  This helps us with our Computer attendance and the safety of the kids.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Monday, Oct. 5

1.  SS Continents Map-colored- due tuesday AM.
2.  Grammar test on nouns, pronouns and verbs-Tuesday-take duotang home to study. I gave examples of test questions on board today.
3.  Spelling assignments are due Wed. this week.  Test is still Friday.
4.  Some Turkey Paragraphs were entered into the Newspaper contest -kids know who they are and are supposed to have told you that their name and phone number was entered to win a turkey.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Friday, Oct. 2

1.  Current events article-only for the 5 chosen.
2.  French Body Parts project- due monday AM- lots of time given in class.
3.  SS Continents map- colored-due Tuesday- most finished.
4.  Grammar test on nouns, pronouns and verbs- Tuesday- study duotang.
5.  Scholastic orders- last day Monday...thanks.

Kids had fun with gum and PJs.  Thanks.  Any positive or negative feedback through e-mail is appreciated about Special Fridays. If students win a prize(ie- largest bubble!), they can usually choose treats OR non treats(books, highlighters, stickers, marbles, toothbrushes, etc..).  I trust them when they say their parents will allow them to take that treat.  If there are issues, please get hold of me ASAP.  Thanks!
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Thursday, Oct. 1

1.  Pajama Day and gum day in our class.  Optional to wear PJs and bring gum.  I'll give gum to those that do not bring any, if parents allow.  I'll ask and trust.
2.  Scholastic orders-due Monday.
3.  Spelling test- Friday.
4.  STUDY multiplication facts!  Most kids are at 25 or more out of 30 for 2.5 minute drill.  Some are still at 12 and 15, which is OK; but it would be easier for them when we start multiplying double digits if they knew singles fast and accurately.
5.  Extra Math sheet group- your Rounding sheet is due tomorrow.
6. French Body Parts sheet-follow criteria given!  Most are finished or have 5 minutes left.  They are due Monday. Some time given Friday.
7.  Math test out of 15, out of 6 and out of 6. Please ask what your child scored.  I always need to check tests and record marks before they go home.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wednesday, Sept. 30

1.  Pajama/Gum day in our classroom Friday.  Please optionally allow your child to wear pajamas and bring gum.  I will provide gum for those that cannot bring any...if the student is allowed! 
2.  Grammar Pronouns sheet and sentences- finish and look over.  Test next tuesday on nouns, verbs and pronouns.
3.  Math test on Rounding/Adding and subtracting on Thursday.  We have studied on class but it helps to review at home. 
4.  Haikus-try to have them finished in first draft by Thursday and Friday to be able to type them up in Computer Room. 

Daily schedule will be sent home today.  Please keep somewhere like a fridge or a binder so you can refer to it if you need to know when kids have Gym or when their library books need to be returned, etc..  It often changes a little bit in a day depending on how long the students generally need to complete work.

Grade 4 parents:  You will receive a letter today about a school mtg.  I cannot be at the mtg but you are welcome to attend this informative session put on by Mrs. Cavani.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Tuesday, Sept. 30

1.  T.O.C. in Wed. AM.  Thanks to students for good behaviour...I hope!
2.  Paragraph and Spelling due Thursday.  Most students finished in class and just need to take home to check.  Spelling test Friday.
3.  Math Rounding test is Thursday.  Practice sheet sent home today to get done, hopefully by tomorrow.
4.  Scholastic orders- due Monday.  Last orders should be here tomorrow.
5.  Poetry title page due Friday.  Most are just about done.  We just learned Haikus and they will get a chance in class more to work on them.

We sometimes have Special Fridays based on behaviour goals.  Right now, the goal is that the whole class enters at 8:20, 10:20 and 12:50 SILENTLY!  They will be having a Pajama Day, along with the privilege of being able to chew gum only in our classroom. If possible, please send your child with a bit of gum and possibly some to share.  I will also provide for those that do not have any.  We will discuss some GUM Science and have an optional  bubble blowing contest.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Monday, Sept. 28

1.  current event article was supposed to be in today.  Please have it in tomorrow so we can begin some assignments. Thanks.  From newspaper, computer, etc..
2.  Spelling Unit 2 work due: Thursday AM.  Study for test friday.
3.  Paragraph following criteria we have been reviewing- due Thursday.
4.  STUDY MULTIPLICATION FACTS- kids have shown an improvement on their drills...thank you for continuing to study with your child!
5.  Extra Math group- sheet sent home today- due Friday.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Thursday, Sept. 24

1.  Pro.  D Day- no school for students. Teachers will be learning how in new and innovative ways.
2.  Spelling test mark- tell parents.
3.  Math more than, less than equal to quiz- out of 5- tell parents mark.
4.  Forms overdue- ASAP.
5.  Bring in one current even article of news- we will do some work with the article Monday. Make sure you bring one that you understand a little or a lot.  Don't bring one you do not understand!
6.  Feelings color sheet- due Monday.

 Great artwork we did today!!  On display in hallways.  Thank you so much to those that were able to donate spray paint.  Accepted anytime!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wednesday, Sept. 23

1.  Sorry...BLOG down last couple days. Thanks for referring to agenda!
2.  Lots of verification forms, photo forms, Quiznos forms and most importantly, my yellow homework information/ "contracts" to be signed and returned.  Thanks.
3.  SS Provinces and Capitals test today- please look at mark and sign and return if possible.  Most kids scored 14 out of 14; very good studying!!!
4.  Learned and reviewed more than, less than and equal to.  Also, we learned and reviewed Rounding/ Estimating.  They will get a little tiny quiz on more than/less than and equal to Thursday. 
5.  Spelling-Study Unit One words for test Thursday.
6.  If any household has spray paint which actually works/sprays and you are willing to donate it, we are doing some impressive nature multi media paintings.  All my personal spray paint is nearly gone and it would be great to get some more ASAP!  Thanks.

Parents who signed up for extra homework Math sheets will get them next week, not this week.  I will prepare them.
 Students are very tired this week as we immerse into full on academics.  There is an immense amount of listening and focusing required; please give thanks to your child for all their hard work in a day!  A special thanks to grade 4 students who have the toughest job of getting used to all this intermediate's hard!

Friday, 18 September 2015

Friday, Sept. 18

1.  Provinces/Capitals test- use the clues!  Test is Wednesday.
2.  Place Values and Reading Numbers tests today- show parents your marks.

The students should be very proud of themselves for all their work on the Terry Fox Run and fund raising.    Our class did it all by ourselves.  We also read our facts speeches aloud to the whole school at the Terry Fox assembly today.  Way to go, my class!
Have a great weekend.  I will send home a letter re: homework, etc. next week.   Weekends are mainly homework free unless students have overdue work.  Thanks

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Wednesday, Sept. 16

1.  T.Fox donations, Scholastic orders, all other forms-Due Friday.
2.  Place Values to billions plus Reading Numbers test- do the practice test tonight and bring back to school Thursday AM.
3.  STUDY Multiplication!  15 minutes nightly.
4.  Latter a A- handwriting- most finished in class- due Thursday AM
5.  Capitals and Provinces- show pre-test to parents...which does not count toward report card.  Study all hints and take real test next Wednesday!

Thanks for coming to the BBQ if you managed to get here.  I hope I was able to meet you.  If not, P/T interviews are not until October.  If you need to speak/meet with me before that, please e-mail me at

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Tuesday, Sept. 15

1.  BBQ- 5 to 7 tonight
2.  B-day poster- due Wed.
3.  3 Math sheets started in class-most finished- due Wed.
4.  Multiplication 2.5 minute drill- please show parents and get signed.  Finish if you did not finish.  Study for 10 to 15 min.
5.  Place Values and Reading Numbers quiz Friday- We have been practising in class- look over at home.
6.  T.Fox donations, other forms, Scholastic orders- ASAP.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Monday, Sept. 14

1.  Terry Fox donations.
2.  BBQ and other forms- due ASAP.
3.  School supply money- due ASAP.
4.  Scholastic orders- due Friday.
5.  5 sentences-due Tuesday-most or all students finished and have their books if you want to see their work before I do.
6.  Place Values Quiz- see helper sheet- study for Friday.
7.  STUDY MULTIPLICATION TABLES to ten!  Please try to study every night as much as possible on the computer or with cue cards or with mom or dad asking you aloud. 

My newsletter went home today. I should have given you this e-mail: if you have any questions or need to tell me something.

Friday, 11 September 2015

 Friday, September 11

1.  Thanks for the Terry Fox donations  so far!  Send any more in next week.  Your generosity is appreciated by the Terry Fox Foundation which supports Cancer Prevention and Research.  Our class is organizing the fund raising and run and have already done a super job educating and collecting from classes.  I am short on adults to stand at pylons or run the 1.2 km next Friday between 9:20 and 10:00.  Please mail me if you think you can help.
2.  Media consents/BBQ forms/School Supply money- due ASAP. 
3.  Scholastic orders- due next Friday.  Study Multiplication to 10 nightly.
4.  Please sign agendas nightly until November or December...when the majority of the class is consistently filling them our accurately.  The BLOG does not always work and I want students to be responsible, so students must fill out agenda anyways.
5.  Thanks for sending in a water bottle to stay on student's desk.
6.  Thanks for taking time to fill out a set of questions I sent home today; please return by Monday if possible.

Thanks for sending such great kids to my classroom!  Wow...I am lucky!  I look forward to seeing you at the BBQ.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Tuesday, June 23

1.  The students have still be working hard to do some review work.  They seemed to have had fun on their Wildlife Park Trip and their T.C.C. swim trip today.  Thank you very much to those parents that took time out of their day to drive students to these filed trips.  It is much appreciated by me and the students.

2.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, we will walk over to the McGowan Water Park at 12:50.  Please make sure kids have sunscreen, hats, towels, etc..  If anyone wants to send a treat for the class, please do.  Otherwise, pls just make sure they have lunch and snacks to eat at the school and over there.

3.  The year end assembly is at 10:30.  It mainly involves goodbyes to the grade 7 students and some staff.  Also, there is a slide show.

Assembly is done and kids are dismissed by 12:00.  Report cards will be given then.

Thank you for the opportunity to have taught your child!  Some grade 4 students will be placed in this classroom again...just FYI!

I hope you have a really great relaxing summer!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Monday, June 15

1.  Last apostrophe test- Wednesday.
2.  Math 2 sheets- due Tuesday.  Most handed in already.
3.  Wildlife Park filed trip sheets- reminder sheet to parents of Thursday's schedule. Drivers pls be at the school at 11:05 to leave at 11:10.  Students will just be coming from Gym so we cannot leave earlier, so don't come early.  Thanks!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wednesday, June 10

1.  Library Books due ASAP- can't win library draw prizes each day if you are on overdue list.
2.  French tests- home tomorrow after Mrs. A looks them over since we marked as a class.
3.  SS Country project- hopefully they will all be in by Friday afternoon.  I have to write report cards, so if they are late for any reason, please write your child a super good excuse note!

Kids are still working very hard each day...better to have structure and routine. But today, they enjoyed an awesome Dance Lesson..ask them about it.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tuesday, June 9

1.  Library books are all due back to Library now for good.
2.  Behaviour problem solving skits- bring props and perform Wednesday.
3.  SS Country oral presentations- students have signed up for a date. 
4.  3 Review Math sheets- due Wednesday AM. Most finished in class.
5.  Show parents mark on SS test/Spelling test and also, apostrophe pre-test.  Test Friday.
6.  Study for French Foods test Wednesday.  Already studied form cue card lots in class but can still review at home.

Friday, 5 June 2015

 Friday, June 5

1.  Short of hitting the streets of Paris, I think the students had a fun French Food Day and skit presentations.  I think Mrs. Abraham needs to have a nap now.  Thanks for your generous food that was sent in...they ate 5 courses all day!
2.  SS Country- Students  have been told they should be finishing up their 4 to 6 or more paragraphs (choice on criteria sheet).  They should also be compiling pictures, maybe writing a poem, etc..  Some started pasting their project together today on poster paper.  Due:  June 10 to 12.  Thank you for helping look over their writing for Sp., Punct., etc.. as they have been told that for this project, I only tell them if they ask me a specific question.  The mark they get will be for whatever/however it  is handed in without me editing 2 to 3 times.
3.  Morning worksheets- due Monday.  Most finished.
4.  SS Provinces test- Spelling counts- Tuesday.
5.  French Food vocab. -test Wednesday.
6.  Second angles test will be sent home Monday-you can ask your child what they scored out of 15.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Thursday, June 4

1.  Thanks for sending French Food by 11 AM.
2.  French skits- try to memorize. Props for your group, as organized with them?
3.  SS Country---Go, go, go!
4.  Provinces/Capitals test plus Spelling counts this time- Tuesday.
5.  French food test- Wednesday.
6.  Math Angles Measurement quiz- home to show parent(s).

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Wednesday, June 3

1.  Keep memorizing French skit lines for Friday’s performances.
2.  Reminder for people sending food Friday to please send it by 11 AM.
3.  SS Country- I checked and most students are on schedule.  I am pointing out some spelling errors, punctuation errors, etc.. But the students know that they need to ask me if they are unsure because whatever they hand in on their poster is their final mark.
4.  AM graph sheet- due Thurs.
5.  Provinces/Capitals test with spelling- Tuesday.
6.  French Foods test- Wednesday.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tuesday, june 2

1.  Keep memorizing French skits at home in prep. for restaurant drama presentations for French food day friday.
2.  Autobiography to add to Childrens Story- first draft- due Thursday.
3.  French Food test- next Wednesday, not tomorrow.  We made cue cards today so students can use to study at home.
4.  SS- Provinces and Capitals test- SPELLING counts this time.  We made cue cards at school. Study for Tuesday's test.
5.  SS- Country project- Should have notes almost all done and 3 paragraphs typed by this Thursday.  I will be checking, so those students that have been leaving project at home must bring me something to see please.  students have been reminded each day to go to the computer room if they need more computer time, as well as to log into Googledocs with password given in agenda to access Worldbook Online.  Whole project on Poster paper due June 10-12.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Monday, June 1

1.  Reminder about french Food Day this Friday.  If you are sending food, please send by 11 AM.  Thanks.
2.  Provinces/Capitals- last of this test for year, but SPELLING counts.  Test is next Tuesday.
3.  French skit-if not meorized yet, spend some time at home to try.  Skits Friday and Monday.
4.  French Foods test- next Thursday.
5.  Autobiographies- first draft due Thursday so we can type.
6.  Children's Stories are overdue now.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Thursday, May 28

1.  Pack of cookies or just 1 or 2 to bring for your little buddy for story reading tomorrow. Thanks.
2.  Fractions/Decimals conversions, etc. test Friday.
3.  Make sure Childrens Story is at school tomorrow or you will not be able to read it to your buddy.
4.  SS- Country- 15 minutes per night until due date of June 10 to 12.  Some students may need less or more time.  I continue to remind the students of the criteria sheet. 
5.  French Menu- Due Friday, Monday latest.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tuesday, May 26

1.  We will read to our little buddies, our stories that we wrote and illustrated...on Friday.  If you are able to send in a pack of cookies, or just one or 2 for your child to give to his/her little buddy (I'll bring extra if someone cannot bring any), the little buddies would greatly appreciate it.

2.  Behaviour Children's Story- Hopefully finished by Friday and illustrated to be able to read the little buddies.

3.  French Menu- Hopefully all done the entire thing by Friday.  I cannot give a strict deadline yet as many kids have been involved in Track and other activities which disallows them time in the Computer Lab.   Same as above.

4.  S.S. Country of Choice- I am trying to have a check on where students are...most have done quite a bit of research and are starting their paragraphs, writing in their own words as much as possible.  Some students are telling me that the project is at home.  If they are mainly doing it at home, I still need to see first drafts ( I told them) and they need to be working on an alternate assignment(something else they need to finish) at school or finding clipart, etc. for their project.  They also need to continue to recheck criteria sheet!!!  They will be given poster paper at school but it is white. If they want colored, they will have to get it themselves.  White is fine by me.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Monday, May 25

1.  Pizza Day orders for this Friday are due Tuesday, tomorrow.
2.  Thx so much for informing me of what you can send for French Food Day...a few kids still need to let me know, or you can send $6.00.  Still need roast beef and cold already cooked fries. 
3.  We are reading our stories that we have written and are illustrating right now; we will be reading to Mrs. McCarthy's class Friday.  If you are able to send in any cookies this week, we will give our little buddies one or 2 while they listen to us read. Again, thanks for your support.
4.  Science test- Simple Machines- Students did fairly well on this test.  I helped them study a little more today.  Their marks are in their agenda.  Test was out of 35, but grade 4 students get an extra 5 points, since they had to study and do the same unit as the grade 5 students this time.  Most students scored between 26 and 35 as a raw score.  I still need to check the tests over so they will not come home yet.
5.  2 AM Reading/Writing worksheets as well as 2 Handwriting worksheets- due Tuesday.
6.  District Track Meet competitors- Congrats!  Meet at 8 AM tomorrow in the Gym.

Please note:  I remind the students daily that they don't normally have much homework (except reading a book and studying for a test).  However, right now, most of them should be doing 15 to 30 minutes per night working on their:  French Menu, Behaviour Children's Story and SS Country of Choice Project...these have been our long term projects this term.  It is quite possible that they can still achieve an "A" on these projects without much homework, but an "A" is going "Above and Beyond" so homework may help some students achieve a better mark.  Also, students are given criteria sheets for everything, so they should be able to show you in their duotangs.  There should not be any guessing as to what is expected.  Thanks.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Friday, May 22

1.  The BLOG is the same as yesterday, plus:

2.  Triangles/Fractions test- please look at the test scores.  I do not require the tests back.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Thursday, May 21

1.  The BLOG has not been working the past few days...sorry.
2.  French Food Day forms- thanks for sending back to indicate whether you can send food or $6.00.  French Food Day/skits are on June 5.
3.  Field trip forms- due ASAP. Thx.
4.  Grammar morning worksheets- due Friday.
5.  French menu cover- due Monday.
6.  French typed menu- due Tuesday.
7.  Behaviour story completed and illustrated (always check criteria sheets)-due next Friday, May 29th.
8.  Country of Choice- check criteria sheet weekly! Due on poster by June 10.  Currently, students should have researched most info. on 4 to 8 topics and should be starting paragraphs in their own words. Password was given for use of GoogleDocs at home so they can access World Book Encyclopedia for Kids.
9. Simple Machines test-now Monday. We will be doing more studying Friday on our cue cards. 

Please note:  I told the students that although they may not have had a lot of homework in past couple months, they should be doing at least 15 minutes per night on some of the above long term projects.  Thanks!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Friday, May 15

1.  Holiday Monday, May 18- Enjoy!
2.  Math pgs 270/275 for grade 5s and 206/209 for grade 4s due tuesday.
3.  Fractions test- Wednesday. I will review main rules learned...on Tuesday for Wednesday’s test.
4.  Simple Machines test- next friday, May 22
5.  Behaviour Stories should be 50% illustrated and or coloured by Tuesday.  Make sure you bring back to school if you are bringing them home.  Students will receive an art mark on Tuesday for this at the half way point.  Writing marks have been given for first drafts of stories and edited versions.

6.  Important!  Please send in field trip form and $10.00 by Tuesday.  I am absent to teach at the Young Artists Conference on Friday, so please do not send your money and form in tomorrow.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tuesday, May 12

1.  3 Morning worksheets:  one Science, one Math, and one Grammar- due Wednesday.
2.  Math- pg 201/205 for grade 4s                pg 269 for grade 5s.                 Measurement unit is over and we will continue with Fractions unit.

3.  Students enjoyed a Band Performance today!

4.  French Menus- more time given in Computers today.  80% or more should be done; if not, I have been telling the students to head to the computer room at lunch for 10-15 minutes this week.

5.  Math tests checked over and sent out.  No need to sign.  Kids may have put directly into test duotang.

6.  Behaviour stories- we are now on illustrations and time is given in class for next couple weeks, but students may optionally bring home to work on.  50% or less permitted by CLIPART or a mom, dad, friend, etc..  The rest drawn by student as well as colored.

7.  Year end field trip forms will go home soon.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Friday, May 8

1.  Scholastic Orders-due Monday.
2.  Social Studies country project- should work on for 15 minutes to 30 minutes on weekend. 
3.  Math test out of 25- score written down in agenda.  Tests will be given back after I review.  Last Math units are:  Fractions, Ratios, Rates and Percents  and Geometry.

Students had lots of fun in groups with their artistic weird creations of fruits and vegetables, whereby the main thing they learned was how to wash hands properly, and secondly, how to get along in group work.  Thanks very much to parents who were able to send in fruits and vegetables and to all students for sharing with each other. 

Students also have worked hard to make Mother's Day gifts.  So if you do not get one, ask your child to dig to the bottom of his/her backpack to retrieve the present!  I hope that all moms have an extra special weekend!  I will be battling on the golf course with my 2 kids...and trying to play some golf as well!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Monday, Tuesday, May 4 and 5

1.  Scholastic orders-due Monday.
2.  SS Country project- optional at home.
3.  French Menus- should be about half finished; otherwise, you may need to visit Computer room at lunch.
4.  Math- 2 review sheets plus fractions textbook page- ASAP as these pages are done in preparation for tests.  Most finished in class today.
5.  Math- last Measurement test- Friday- study some of the new things we learned this week such as volume, mass, etc..

Special Friday is Fruit and Vegetables day:  Kids are in groups of 2 or 3 and they bring what fruit and veges they can.  They then wash their hands thoroughly and take a tray and build or design something creative or artistic in a time limit.  If they desire, they can eat it after, or at least eat the stuff they did not require for their "art".  We will also be doing some graphing on information related to fruits and veges eaten.  If it was my own kids' graph, the graph may show a FLAT line!!!!  We are trying!!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Friday, May 1

1.  Students enjoyed an Honours Choir Performance this AM.
2.  Students continued with their third Track and Field rotation; these scores help to determine who makes the Zone Track Meet and also help formulate their report card Gym marks.
3.  Congratulations to Braydon Gough and Liam Dalton.  They were chosen from over 1000 entries in B.C. to be in the TOP 50 for the B.C. Firefighters Burn Poster Contest that our class entered back in October.  They received a Dalmatian Stuffie, pencils, erasers, etc.. They also earned $50.00 each for the school to give to a charity.  We have decided to give it to The Red Cross Kathmandu fund, where many Burnaby and other B.C. firefighters are helping earthquake victims.

4.  French Menus should be about half typed; if not, students should go in the computer room at lunch to type, as they have either chosen to make a long menu or they are slower at typing.

Have  a great weekend!

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Thursday, April 30

1.  Special Friday= Youtube clips, previewed.  Share with class if appropriate.  Teacher will also preview.
2.  Spelling test- Study for tomorrow.
3.  French Menu- Students should have most of English food words completed and be using helper sheets to find French translations.
4.  3 AM worksheets-handwriting, Math and Reading Comprehension-due Friday AM- most handed in today.
5.  We hope Ben and Carmine and Faith have a fun time at the Young Authors Workshop.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wednesday, April 29

1.  Measurement test, with some basic fraction questions as well.  Study for Thursday's test.

2.  Social Studies Country of Choice research project- optional to work on it at home.  Will be due at start of June. 

3.  Congratulations to Parloff competitors! 

4.  Parents...pls encourage your kids to follow the rule at school that it is completely "HANDS OFF" in school and on the playground, except for an organized, clear game of TAG.  Many students are engaging in play fighting, which often leads to hard feelings and injuries. 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tuesday, April 28

1.  If any household has aerosol hairspray they are not using, pls send it in as it works better than fixative for art projects. It is sprayed outside by me.
2.  Measurement test- Thursday- study metric system and how to do conversions.
3.  Be kind to TOC Wednesday AM- I am absent.   Good luck to Parloff participants!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Monday, April 27

1.  Awesome job by our students on the Spring Production!  Mrs. Oryschak and Mrs. McCarthy spent an enormous amount of their own personal time to make this annual Production successful, so we will encourage the students to thank them!

2.  Math AM worksheet, plus 2 Math afternoon worksheets and handwriting worksheet-due Tuesday. Lots of time given in class.

3.  Spelling- adverbs list-due Tuesday.  Lots of time given in class.
4.  Bring a "Simple" machine if possible- screw, pulley, gear.  If not, describe one in your home.
5.  "Why" stories-brainstorm 30 ideas- due Tuesday.  Most finished- lots of class time given.

6.  Young Authors Winners from our school=Colton Day, Faith Van Meer and Ben Facchinelli.  Congratulations!  You will go to TRU this Friday to meet some special authors.  8:20 until 2:45 at Clocktower.

7.  Young Artists Winners=Risa Murdoch, Grayson Kelly and Kate Zulinick- Congratulations!  You  will go to TRU on May 15 and your Art Grand Exhibit is on May 5th at the Old Courthouse at 4:30 to 6.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Tuesday, April 21

1.  Spring Production-reminder that I need a note from parent if student will not make a night time performance, so I know how to adapt.
2.  Measurement Conversions test-!
3.  Provinces and Capitals- postponed until Thursday doe to extra Play run through with Mrs. O.
4.  Paragraph- due thursday.
5.  SPCA/JDRF- if you would still like to donate, you can do so until this Friday.  More draws Wed., Thurs. , Friday.  Thank you for your generosity toward the charities!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Thursday and Friday, April 16 and 17

1.  Thank you to the parents that were able to drive to our Science Center field trip; The students indicated that they really liked the Star Dome.  They may start calling me Medusa.
2.  Measurement test #2- next Tuesday- study the 6 steps in order to convert units.  This is not easy and the students are doing a great job!  We will study fractions after Measurement, in about 2 weeks.
3.  Provinces and Capitals test Review  #4- Study for Wednesday.  Kids can also be studying/researching their countries at home for their SS Project (not due until start of June).  They have a duo tang where they keep their notes.  I will provide the password for home to get into WORLDBOOK for kids off of our McGowan website.
4.  Spring Production- April 23 and 24- If your child cannot make the night performances, please make sure you write me a note or mail me so I know where we will have empty spots.  On those 2 nights, I allow Electronics of any sort( but pls do not bring your XBOX or PS3!).  The class will be locked when we leave to perform and then unlocked again to retrieve our electronics; unfortunately, I cannot take any responsibility for lost or damaged products.  There will also be art and a movie on.  Feel free to send snacks and drinks with your child.  Pls pick your child up outside the classroom right when the play is finished, as I leave immediately following the play.
5.  SPCA/JDRF donations- Thank you so much!  Many kids already brought in their donations and we did 40 draws today; they enjoyed their stuffies, books, toys or treats.  I will collect again next week and have draws, but I told the kids not to bug parents for more money, as many have already brought in a lot of loose change. We have collected over $100.00 so far!  Thanks also for the old towels, dog and cat toys and balls.
6.  We do Grammar worksheets each morning.  If they do not hand them in, they must insert into Grammar duotang for when I collect every 2 or 3 weeks.  This is just a check for completion and students study from these sheets for  quizzes and tests.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Wednesday, April 15

1.  Driver reminder forms went home to drivers today.  Please ask your child to see it.  Thanks for helping out!!
2.  Math Measurement quiz- out of 16 total.  Students will bring home and get signed and return if possible. Thanks.  Students know that we always have 4 or 5 quizzes and tests on the same concepts; if students steadily improve, their report card mark will reflect this.  Half the class got 100%, half the class scored between 15 % and 80%.
3.  Star worksheets-due Thursday...students were given plenty of class time.
4.  SPCA/JDRF fund raising- OPTIONAL- send in any amount of change, etc.. if you would like to support these charities.  Also, you can send in old towels, dog and cat toys, etc.. if you have any.
Parloff participants- way to go for making it!  Bring your permissions forms by Friday

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Monday, Tuesday, April 13/14

1.  Scholastic Orders-Due Wednesday.
2.  Paragraph-due Tuesday this week.
3.  Spelling- due Tuesday.
4.  Handwriting-due Tuesday.
5.  Measurement and unit conversions quiz- Tuesday.
6.  Costumes- OVERDUE.
7.  Swords- we need 3 more if anyone can lend us for 2 weeks.
8.  SPCA/JDRF education and fund raising in our class- boys versus girls. Lots of stuffies, treats, books, etc.. are up for prizes for this Friday and next Thursday.
9.  Pro D Day April 20.
10.  Spring Production dates- April 22 and April 23- day and night shows.
11.  FYI- Less Visual Arts for 3 weeks as we work on Drama and singing for Spring Production. 

Friday, 10 April 2015

Friday, April 10

1.  Scholastic Orders- due around Monday. I can always put orders in after that, but doing it all at once is a bit more efficient.
2.  I have drivers for 9 students so far for Thursday's Science Center visit-April 16, 12:20 leave school, 2:15 return. Can stay and watch for free as a parent or can leave and return.  Please send note if you are able to change your NO to a YES, even if it is just for 2 or 3 spots.  If I get too many drivers, I'll phone or mail you to let you know you can cancel.  Thanks.
3.  Memorize Finale for Play.  Test Monday.
4. Measurement quiz- test Tuesday.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Tuesday and Wednesday, April 7 and 8

1.  Spelling Words (Spring Production inspired)- due Thursday.  Test Friday.
2.  Handwriting letters s, S and r, R- due Wednesday.
3.  Memorize song and write it out Wednesday at school.
4.  2 Math pages from Wednesday- due Thursday.  Lots of time given in class, but some kids were socializing too much so more homework than necessary today!
5.  3 Science sheets on Space-same as above.
6.  Costumes for Spring Production- students may choose one of the following:  Queen, King, Knight, Rabbit, Turtle, Humpty Dumpty, Cat, Caterpillar, Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum...we are the "jury" for the trial.  Please have costumes as ready as possible in a bag labelled with name by Monday if possible.  Thanks!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Thursday, April 2

1.  Report cards went home today.
2.  Math tests home to be signed and returned if possible.
3.  First Nations Day- Tuesday after long weekend.  Send any show and tell, etc.. if you like.
4.  Young Author's Contest- submissions due Tuesday after weekend.  Some kids have typed a story or poems on computer at school and will hand those in Tuesday.  Stories or poems done at home are also eligible...less than 1000 words.
5.  Memorize Spring Production songs- 2- there will be a test on Wednesday to write the words out. Most memorized class song today at school.  We will work on school song Tuesday.  Kids will be given song and words to listen to as they write out Wednesday, but the song and words go very quickly and are difficult to make out in parts.  Please encourage your child to memorize at home so that he or she is confident and ready to practise at school.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wednesday, April 1

1.  Day we return from Easter Break- First Nation's Day- We will be doing some literature and art.  We already had some history and drum lessons 2 weeks ago.
If any student wants to bring in any "show and tell"  or samples of salmon, bannock or any other First Nations related things, please do!
2.  Social Studies and Science- there will be a short quiz on a reading sheet twice per week which will be added to term 3 report card marks. Students cannot study for these.  They are trying to learn how to read for information and understand the information.  I will be discussing the sheet before the short quiz.  They can show you their mark by bringing the quiz home, but I do not want the quizzes returned to me.  Today, the quiz was on France.
3.  Behaviour story- first draft- due Thursday AM, with 5 or more similes highlighted. Students have been given lots of time in class in last 3 weeks.
4.  Spelling quiz Thursday.
5.  2 songs for the Spring Production- try to memorize ASAP.  Sheets sent home.  We will be finding out about costumes, etc. soon and then each student will try to bring in a bag with his or her costume so it remains at the back of the class for practice sake.
6.  Paragraph- due Thursday- lots of time in class given.
7.  Report cards will go home today.  If I would like an interview with you, I'll phone or mail you.  Otherwise, do the same to me if you feel you have some questions. Thanks.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Mon. /Tues. March 30/31

1.  Sorry...BLOG not working yesterday.
2.  Lots of great artwork home today...pls ask about it.
3.  Paragraph-due thursday.
4.  Spelling- was due today.  Test Thursday.
5.  2 Math sheets- due Wednesday.  Use as study sheets for Math quiz on any computations with decimals.  Quiz Wednesday.
6.  Behaviour story- important to have a creative ending and follow criteria sheet.  First draft- due Thursday.
7.  April 7- First Nations Day- please ask your child what I talked about.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Wednesday, March 11

1.  3 Page review Math sheets- due Thursday- most students done in class and have handed in.
2.  Measurement quiz- Thursday- mm, cm, m, km
3.  paragraph- due Thurs.-try to edit.
4.  Interviewee small "gift"-Friday
5.  Behaviour story idea for ending- maybe your family has some creative ideas to share!  Tell them what your story is about so far...what is the lesson to be learned?
6.  Send bag for clothes, boots, art, work to go home Friday.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Monday, March 9

1.  French test- study cue card-test Tuesday.
2.  Paragraph on Term 2 progress, likes and dislikes- due Thursday.
3.  Spelling- Unit 15- due Tuesday.
4.  Doodles art- due Tuesday.
5.  Special Friday- Present interviews in a speech and give your interviewee something- could be a poem you wrote, a gently used book, a gently used stuffie, cookies, chocolate, etc..  Please do not spend more than $1.00.  We will also be doing some class cleaning, so please make sure student has a bag to carry extra desk and locker things home.  Thanks.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Friday, March 7

1.  Students skipped today for half hour skipathon.  If any more students have empty or full envelopes, they are supposed to bring them back to school ASAP for Mrs. Baerg.
2.  Bridges were taken home today.  Good luck to beat Mrs. Abraham's bridge!  10 AM start until 2ish.  I believe younger kids compete first, but I am not sure.  TRU Trades and Tech Building...down from Walmart before you turn in to go to TCC. Turn left (West).
3.  French exam-60 points- study cue card for Tuesday.  We review these words most every third day at school orally.  But extra practice to look at the words at home will help and demonstrate good discipline for studying for any test. Thanks.
4.  Novel Study Brown Paper Bag Projects were presented today; thanks for all the students' hard work.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Thursday, March 5

1.  Provinces and Capitals review test-Friday.
2.  Interview paragraph- first draft- try to get done for Friday computer class.
3.  French test- Tuesday- study cue cards we made in class.
4.  Heart and stroke skipping Friday for 30 min. in the gym.  Bring envelopes back, money or no money!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wednesday, March 4

1.  Heart and Stroke envelopes- returned with collections or not by this Friday.
2.  Provinces and Capitals monthly review test- Friday- study.
3.  French exam- 60 points- Tuesday- study cue cards we made in class. Students have had plenty of time to finish cards and even study in class.
4.  Bridges- try to take home Thursday night.  Make sure you have pushed glue into all open cracks to strengthen structure.  My bridge is drying at home!
5.  Paragraph on Water Conservation- due Thursday.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Tuesday, March 3

1.  Bridges- We have 15 students set to show up at TRU Trades and Tech Building this Saturday at 10 AM.  I think they get started a little bit after that and I think they start with Elementary Category.  But I am not positive.  Students have been staying in at lunch and using all the time I can afford them to work on their bridges.  All information is now the organizers, so if you have to cancel, please tell me so I can inform them.

2.  French Review test- this is a big one!    We practice twice a week and the students categorized our vocabulary words we have learned so far. They have been making bright orange cue cards at school and most have finished, ready to study them for the test on Tuesday.

3.  Paragraph on Water Conservation- due Thursday.  Students are expected to be checking spelling, punctuation and grammar after they have finished at school... or they can check at home.

4.  Provinces/Capitals Review test- Student shave one per month- study for Friday's review test.  They will get time on Thursday AM to make a cue card for it and study with a peer for 15 minutes.

5.  I am writing report cards in the next 2 weeks; whether students were on holidays or sick, I require whatever adapted work I asked for by this Monday, March 9.  Thank you.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Monday, Feb. 23

1.  Bridge white permission form if your child is attending Saturday from 10:30 until about 2ish at TRU.  Form due Tuesday.  5 pages of info. was sent out.
2.  Special Friday- Novel Study presentations.
3.  Decimal AM worksheet- due Tuesday.
4.  Paragraph on Water Conservation- due Thursday.
5.  Math test- signed and rtrnd Tuesday if possible.  Some Science Rock tests went home- return for test  duotangs. Some have not been sent home yet.

I hope this BLOG is sent out as it has not been working lately.  That is why the students are always responsible to write the same thing in their agendas for you to read.  Thanks!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Monday , Feb. 23

1.  Friday will be some anti bullying activities- Meanies Poem/Internet safety presentations.
2.  Wednesday- Pink shirt day for anti-bullying.
3.  Spelling- Unit 13- due Tuesday.
4.  Paragraph on Science based topic sheet- due Thursday.
5.  Long Division Math test- sign and return pls.  Scores were very good.  We will have 2 or 3 more tests on long division.  If student requires lots of extra help,  I'll be working one to one with him or her as much as possible.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Thursday, Feb. 19

1.  Carnival tonight!  Have fun!

2.  Some division tests home to be signed and returned-only the ones I have a chance to look over.
3.  Scholastic orders- due Monday now.
4.  Family Under the Bridge project-Brown paper bag art part- due this Monday.  Written assignments/other types-due:  March 2.  Kids should be trying to do about 10 extra minutes per night.  Kids were told to try to type at home or school, but that neatly printed work is also great!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wednesday, Feb. 17

1.  All 30 plus interview questions first draft are due: Thursday, Feb. 18 so we can type them in the computer lab Thursday.
2.  Brown paper bag itself(the art part) is due: Monday, Feb. 23.  All written assignments or "other" are due: Tuesday, March 3.  There will be no extensions, unless students are sick for 3 weeks plus, as we have had plenty of time to work on this. Report cards will start to be written after this.
3.  Study Unit 12 Spelling words for quiz Thursday. Students are supposed to have written words in agenda as well for study purposes.
4.  No Paragraph this week due to finish up projects.
5.  Chinese New Year Goat art should be on the wall ready for evaluating.
6.  Group Internet Safety booklets due: Monday.
7.  Feb. 25- Anti-bully Day- please wear pink.
8. No school Friday- teachers will be at workshops.
9.  Carnival Thursday night- have fun!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Monday, Feb. 16

1.  Last couple days to donate CARNIVAL basket stuff for Picnic theme. Thanks from PAC for your support.
2.  Carnival Thursday night; no school Friday-Pro- D. Day.
3.  Scholastic orders- dueThursday.
4.  Spelling- 11 words times 5 each, plus once in your agenda.  Study for test Thursday.
 5.  Handwriting- letter m, M- due Tuesday.
6.  5 students are still having great difficulty with long division; this is mainly because students need to be able to know their multiplication facts really quickly, or division becomes  complicated for them.  Ask your child some questions and see how fast he or she can answer.  Thanks!  2 minute drill out of 30 Tuesday.

7.  Long division test out of 20 Thursday- we review each day together on board and students complete assignments, usually in class so I can help them.  If students have been absent it may be difficult for those students on the test Thursday.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Thursday, Feb. 12

1.  As usual, please refer to kids' agendas if BLOG did not get posted. I have psoted one all week and yet, it looks as though the last one was Last Friday!

2.  Valentine's "Party"= educational contests, plus art=11 AM to 12 PM plus 1:00 to 2:00.  Thanks for letting your child sign up to bring a snack.  Pleas send in by 11 AM. Also, as I have outlined to kids, Valentines cards are a GO as long as there is one for everybody.

3.  Spelling words plus test- Friday.  Study.

4.  Paragraph- Bullying- due Friday.   We have been doing a lot of work on bullying and how to deal with one.  Also, what can a victim or a bystander do?  We are often using vocab such as HOT, COLD, COOL to solve problems.  Ask your child what they means if you would like some conversation around this area.

5.  Continue to work on Family Under the Bridge project 10 min. per night at home.
6.  CARNIVAL basket- please send in anything for our PICNIC theme ASAP.  Friday, Monday or Tuesday.  Thanks!

Math news- We are heavy into long division.  Most kids were very frustrated until we had done many examples.  No, most kids understand the process.  Those that are having difficulty are mainly those that have not memorized times tables for accuracy and SPEED.  This is the point where not knowing Math facts really starts to affect report card marks.  Just FYI...some students need more practise at home, in the car, etc..  Thanks for helping your child!

Friday, 6 February 2015

Friday, Feb. 6

1.  Carnival Basket donations..thanks.
2.  No homework except optional Novel Study Project, especially if students have been absent.

Have a great long weekend/family day!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Thursday, Feb. 5

1.  Carnival stuff for baskets-thanks.
2.  Family Under the Bridge test- wow!  Great marks! Average score was 26 out of 29 for grade 4 students, 32 out of 37 for grade 5 students. Thanks for studying!  Please note that if kids are on vacation or sick, etc.., they still must take most tests when they return.  Thank you for your understanding.

3.  Agenda check is Friday- kids do not require parent signatures, but they are expected to show me that their notes are comprehensive and accurate with fairly correct spelling, capitals, etc..

4.  Paragraphs- Ocean-
 sick kids did not have to do one.
 Due Friday...hopefully edited by peer or parent for spelling, punctuation and grammar (not their ideas).  You point out their errors; they fix them.

5.  Kids have earned Special Friday, which is ART day.  We will be making our brown paper bag art for novel study, finishing our ocean themed watercolour art and doing some Chinese New Year Goat zen doodles, etc...

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Wednesday, Feb. 4

1.  Carnival basket donations- thanks from PAC!
2.  Family Under the Bridge test- we studied in class for an hour with cue cards and peers.  Study at home tonight.  Test Thursday.
3.  Novel study project- continue to try to do 10 min. per night.
4.  Interview questions- should have 10 written.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Monday, Feb. 2

1.  Family Under the Bridge- test Thursday.
2.  Paragraph on Ocean Life- use facts from video- due Friday.  You will get paragraph books back Tuesday to finish and edit.
3.  CARNIVAL basket picnic theme donations.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Friday, really Friday, Jan. 30

1.  CARNIVAL picnic theme donations to fill our class basket for PAC.  Thanks.

2.  Family Under the Bridge novel test- Thursday.  Students are studying elements of the novel in class and for their project.  They should not have to study that much at home.
3. Family Under the Bridge project- about 10 min. per day at home if possible.  But plenty of time is given in class.  About 3 weeks left and they will be due. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Friday, January 29

1.  Carnival donations for PAC - please send if possible- picnic party theme.
2.  Lat./Long/ test- look at it. Average score was 9.  Great results!
3.  French Quiz- look at it.  average score was 9.  More good results.
4.  Family Under Bridge Project- optional-try 10 min. per night.  Lots of class time given and will be given for next 3 weeks.
5.  Multiplication practice- just a reminder that some students are struggling with division because they have not memorized times tables for speed and accuracy.  Please double check your child's progress by asking them 15 to 20 questions.  Nightly practice if required.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wednesday,  Jan. 28

1.  CARNIVAL donations for our class basket- We do not have any yet, but PAC is asking that our class gather up Party Picnic Stuff...napkins, non alcoholic drinks, chips, snacks, paper plates, plastic utensils and plates, pool towels, BBQ stuff, etc..  Thanks for sending anything you can in next couple weeks.

2.  Science test home today- pls sign and return.  Average score was 16 out of 21.
3.  French quiz Thursday- People- Study cue cards.
4.  Handwriting letter L, l- finish-most did in class.  Check handwriting book before monday to see that you have finished practising all the letters so far; I'll collect next week.
5.  Suggested- Novel Study Project- 10-15 minutes per night if no other major homework.

Please note-many students are getting into some trouble on the playground at recess and lunch.  I will show HOT/COLD/COOL problem solving videos again and discuss with kids. 
Please encourage your kids to watch behaviours at break times; it is not great to have to take class time to deal with the after effects when we come back into class and are supposed to work on the academic curriculum.  Thanks for your support.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Monday, January 26

1.  Family Under the Bridge novel study project- kids have a project criteria sheet and have finished between 1 and 6 paragraphs, lists, artwork, etc....whatever they are choosing to write/draw and type up in order to fit into their artistic brown paper bag(that we will be making next week).  Students using their time wisely will not need to do much at home.  Students who are socializing and requiring a lot of teacher monitoring may have more homework in this area.
2.  Latitude and Longitude- We reviewed and practised how to find coordinates on a map- tomorrow, students will need to plot 10 coordinates on a map for 20 points in S.S..
3.  Science test- study and make notes on your cue card by looking at the:  Musculoskeletal System sheet, Excretory System sheet, Defence system sheet and the Nutrition sheets.  Test is Wednesday.  This is the last human body info.. and then we are moving on to a new unit.
4.  French quiz on PEOPLE- ie- homme is a man, femme is a woman, etc.. There is only one sheet in duotang that kids need to study. We reviewed last french class.
5.  Last day for hot dog orders and scholastic orders.
6.  Our class is responsible for "PICNIC ITEMS-SPRING FLING PATIO PARTY" for the Carnival on Thursday, Feb. 19 from 6 PM to 8 PM.   Items may include: patio dishes, yummy treats or drinks, summery napkins, outdoor candles, paper plates and cups, etc.. This is put on by PAC and they appreciate your generosity if you are able to send anythign in to add to our big basket.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the most books in the school Heaping the Honda from our class...thanks for taking the time and energy to look through your books and donate.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Friday, Jan. 23

1.  Science Test- last one on Human Body- kids were given notes on content. Kids were all told to bring home duotangs this weekend.  They were given a little help to start studying and will be given more time to study Mon. and Tues. in class, as i postponed test until Wednesday due to FSA testing.
2.  Scholastic orders and pizza orders- due Monday.
3.  I am starting ART CLUB again. students in grade 4 to 7 must fill out an application this year which they can get from me.

Some more Math tests will come home.  I still have to work with some kids so you will not see their test yet.  Thanks.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Thursday, Jan. 23

1.  Scholastic Book orders due- ASAP.
2.  French 12 q and a- due Friday.  French quiz on this- next thursday.
3.  Paragraphs/Stories- due, read aloud Friday.
4.  Math tests signed and returned- if you got it back.  If you did not, Mrs. Abraham Support Workers will work with student to review and teach what they did not understand.  Then, the test will come home.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Wednesday, Jan. 21

1.  Paragraph- due Thursday AM.  Hopefully, a peer or parent had time to help edit.
2.  Creative Story- Due Friday.  Grade 5s only.  Grade 4s are optional as they have been writing the FSA tests.
3.  Science test- Monday- Study:  bones, muscles, excretory system, nutrition and immune system-all sheets in your duotang and info. from videos.  Many kids have been is their responsibility to copy answers off the back wall so they have the info. for the test.
4.  Multiplication quizzes.  Pls sign and return.  It is great to see most students scoring 26 or above now!  Those that are not will find Math harder and harder...pls. encourage them to study at night.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tuesday, Jan. 20

1.  Heap the Honda- thanks for even more books; Mr. S will be very happy with our class!
2.  Paragraph on Paris- some students who were absent are writing on different subject- should try to get edited and hand in by Thursday- will read aloud to class Friday.
3.  Creative short story using criteria explained- due Friday.
4.  FSA tests continue through the week for grade 4 students. Grade 5 students are learning the importance of independence.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Monday, Jan. 19

1.  Last couple days of Heap the honda-- donate books if you like.  Thx.
2.  Paragraph on facts about Paris ( The setting in our novel)-due Thursday.
3.  Novel project- First, remember that students are supposed to be finished reading the novel.  If they are not finished, they are behind and will get further behind.  Kids can do about 10-15 minutes a night when they have time...on their project.  Project will be due in aprox. 3 weeks.
4.  Grade 4s will work on FSA tests all week.  Eat breakfast.
5.  We are working on a short story writing unit.  Students started a creative story but more time will be given in class.  Due Friday.

Please continue to sign agendas nightly if possible.  It keeps the students on their "feet."  However, I will only be stamping them on occasion as it takes 10 minutes each morning from curriculum teaching, and when added up, that is a lot of learning time.  Hopefully, students are practising organizational and time management skills by now so that they can be responsible for their own success!

Friday, 16 January 2015

Friday, Jan. 16

1.  Take home Spelling tests.  I do not need them signed or returned.  I also remind the students that Spelling tests are fine, but the most important thing is to spell the words correctly, in the accurate context, in daily work. 
2.  Students were given a new novel study project and I outlined and reviewed their criteria sheets.  Any students who were absent will need to see a trustworthy peer to explain what I already explained.  There is no due date yet, as I will see how quickly most students are working as we go.  If students have not finished the very short novel, Family Under the Bridge, please encourage them to finish or they will find themselves behind next week.
3.  Math tests will be given back Monday.  I need to look them over before handing back.
4.  Thanks for taking the time to go through your books and donate to Heap the Honda!  I am fairly sure that our class has the most donations to give!  You can still send books in if you like.
5.  FSA testing will take place next week for our grade 4s.  Please make sure that they have eaten breakfast and that they have snacks if they get hungry.  Tests are on computer and by booklet.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Thursday, Jan. 15

1.  Tropical Day- dress and snacks- Friday.
2.  Math booklet- due Friday- most are done and handed in.
3.  Math test- Friday.
4.  Spelling test- Friday.
5.  Heap the Honda!  Thx so far for all the donated books!
6.  FAS tests for grade 4 students- please make sure you read the letter to parents going home today.  If students wish to practice for the tests, they can log in at home.  The real tests will begin next week.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wednesday, Jan. 14

1.  I was absent this AM- thanks to kids for their good behaviour with T.O.C.  However, Mrs. Wicks had to come speak to class about poor behaviour on soccer field with many students from our class. Please speak to your child if he or she was playing soccer and encourage he or she to use appropriate problem solving skills.  Thanks.

2.  Math booklet due Friday.
3.  Spelling test Friday-study.
4.  Heap the Honda!
5.  Tropical day Friday.
6.  S.S. test- please take home and get signed and return it Thursday.
7.  Young Artists Contest- not due for another month to Mrs. Abraham, but please be aware that if students brought home art at Christmas break but would like to submit it for the contest, they need to bring it back to school by March 10.  I told them this in December.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tuesday, Jan. 13

1.  Heap the Honda!
2.  Tropics Day Friday!
3.  Math review booklets due Friday.  Test Friday on review of all computations, including basic division.
4.  Spelling words- test Friday- study.
5.  Paragraphs- due Friday.  But bring books to school because you may read them aloud to T.O.C. on Wednesday AM when Mrs. Abraham is absent for the morning.  Thanks.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Monday, Jan. 12

1. Grammar test- capitals and periods- study for Tuesday.

2.  Longitude and Latitude quiz- Tuesday- study cue cards and sheets.

3.  Paragraph on jobs and careers- due Thursday.  Hopefully you are getting someone to help edit it before handing in for final mark.

4.  Heap the Honda- please try to bring in any gently used books to contribute to those who have less.

5.  Tropical Friday- dress tropical and bring a tropical snack for yourself- all optional.

6.  Spelling- sentences due Friday.  Test Friday...know the words in context!!

7.  Review Math Booklet- due Friday- should have 6 or more pages done. 

Friday, 9 January 2015

Friday, Jan. 9

1.  Burn Poster- due Monday-7 kids still need to hand in.
2.  Grammar duotang check- due Monday.
3.  Grammar test on capitals and periods- Tuesday.
4.  Friday special-Tropical wear and snacks to bring for yourself.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Thursday, Jan. 8

1.  Burn poster- any not handed in must be handed in by Monday for art mark and optionally, for contest.
2.  Grammar duotangs- check to see that all sheets have been completed; I'll collect duotangs Monday for a completion mark.  Students will start to get more specific quizzes on punctuation, grammar, etc. this term.
3.  Math review booklet- 12 pages- try to have first 2 pages done by Friday.
4.  Hot dog orders due Jan. 13

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Wednesday, Jan. 7

1.  Sounds like the kids had a great break; I will hear more about their activities tomorrow as we were quite busy with lots of work today.
2.  Hot dog orders due ASAP- see order forms.
3.  S.S. -latitude and longitude, plus grid map practice-please try to have those sheets completed by Friday, ready for Mr. S and his computer lesson Monday.
4.  Math- 12 review sheets to be completed over the next week and a half.  Some parts are bonus for grade 4 students.   We will have a Math test in 2 weeks. Homework is optional today.
5.  Pointillism plus line art- ideas for your project!  Practise in your sketch book.