Friday, 28 October 2016

Friday, Oct. 28

1.  Thank you very much for sending in all the yummy treats for the kids.  We have about 30% left that i have wrapped up for Monday.  I have expressed to the kids how important it is to parents that students bring back the plastic containers!  The kids had lots of fun with 6 games; the best for me was watching them in groups try to memorize and design a dance to a Halloween poem or song they were given.  All groups performed and did an awesome job! They probably liked the Mummy dressing game the best!  Monday will be a calm day with little students doing a parade and our class eating leftovers and finishing our Halloween wordfinder and getting a pile of SS and Math done!

2.  No homework other than trying to read Charlottes Web novel to page 60.  Parents can help read to students if possible.  It is harder for grade 3 students to read and to understand.  We will be discussing elements of the story in 2 weeks.

3.  Leftover toilet paper and food for the Food Bank, as well as any candy kids donate on Tuesday and Wednesday will be taken on Friday.  Thanks for your generosity to those less fortunate.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Thursday, Oct. 27

1.  Students should have written 3 good copy poems so far and be keeping them in their Poetry duotangs.  We are unable to type them right now as we await easier access to GEDU accounts in the Computer Room.

2.  Math quizzes home, signed and returned if possible pls.

3.  Thanks for the apples; the kids enjoyed 2 big helpings over 2 days of Apple Crunch.

4.  We will have a small Halloween party tomorrow, Friday, between recess and lunch from 10:30 to 12:00.  Kids can wear or bring their costumes, or not.  If parts of their costume are in the way of working, they will need to remove those parts.  Thanks!

5.  Thanks to those who were able to send in food for the Food Bank.  I'll still collect for a couple days next week.  As well, kids can optionally bring some candy from their Trick or Treating to add to our Cans and Candy pile for the Food Bank.  Thanks for your support.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Monday, Oct. 24

1.  Lots on the go this week!
2.  Apple crunch making work in groups after washing hands to mix ingredients for topping, then measuring, preparing and baking and eating.  Thanks for sending in apples!

2.  Food Bank donation of food-optional.  I will drive over our box of food and candy on Nov. 4.  Thanks!

3.  Halloween small party- this Friday.  Can wear or bring costume and put on btwn recess and lunch.  Will play educational games plus Mummy game with them.  If possible, please send a snack or treat for 12 or 24 students...only if possible-NOT mandatory!  Vegetable plates, fruit plates, cheese and crackers, cookies, cupcakes, etc.. are fine.  I'll be monitoring amount and leftovers will be eaten Monday and Tuesday if a lot.  Students also know we run and exercise more on a treat day. Thanks for your support with this.   Monday, Oct. 31st will be a calm day at school.

4.  Fire Safety booklets went home.  I reviewed info. with kids; they can bring back signed form to enter Fire Chief For Day if they have reviewed exit plan and caring for smoke alarms with parents. 
5.  SIP smart BC booklet also had to be handed out.  Therefore, I reviewed it with them and we had a reading session with partners as well. I discuss healthy bodies each day after our run; this was a good extension to some of my discussions.

6.  Spelling Unit 6- help edit if possible.  If not, no worries.
7.  Math sheets- should have been done in class as lots of time given.  Few kids have little bit of homework.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tuesday, Oct. 18

1.  Kids have learned Haikus and Limericks and wrote some really good poems themselves. More poetry learning to come!

2.  Kids enjoyed lots of Drama today by Story Theatre productions from Victoria.

3.  I sent a newsletter home; please read it!

4.  School is out at 12:30 both Wednesday and Thursday.  No school Friday.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Thursday, Oct. 13

1.  Please phone the office or come in to the school to look at the boards outside the office.  There, you can see and sign up for an open space for parent teacher interviews. If you can't make it on Oct. 19th or 20th, you can mail me or phone me. We can communicate this way or you can set up an alternate time on another week.


2.  Our class has Special Fridays sometimes.  We had Pyjama/Stuffie day last week.  This week, it is Gum day.  Usually with Special Fridays, we take about an hour or two to focus on the theme. For example, if it is Bring a Can Day, we draw Andy Warhol drawings of the soup cans using charcoal and pastel chalk.  We then discuss Pi in Math and figure out the circumference of the can.  We then roll the cans down a ramp for races to discuss Science concepts.
 Sometimes, like with Gum Day, we watch a video on how gum is made. We guess in Science which type of gum will last longer...sugary or sugarless?  We have a gum blowing contest. 
So thank you for helping support our Special Fridays!

3.  Please e-mail me a YES at to let me know you are reading some of these blogs! 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Monday, Oct. 11

1.  Bring mitts, hat and jacket daily in case cold as kids are not permitted in right now at recess and are highly encouraged to go run outside and play at lunch.

2.  Spelling- Unit 4 words three times each plus sentence writing.  Criteria is always on the sheet with the list of words and we always review it weekly before we start.  Due Wednesday.

3.  Subtraction test- Most students are mastering subtraction and even doing very difficult questions.  There are 4 students with difficulty and I am working one to one with them, as well as I may send extra practice questions home.  Thanks if you have a chance to help your child at home.

4.  2 forms to go home today.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Friday, Oct. 7

1.  We have had a very busy week!  Lots of learning about:  nouns, capital placement, words attack skills, subtraction with borrowing, ordering, mapping skills with capitals and provinces, Forensic Science and fingerprint analysis, fingerprint art, print-making art with insects, poetry using similes, solving problems using hot/cold/cool methods, and increasing our vocabulary and spelling skills! 

2.  The students deserve a 3 day weekend!  If they could practise reading aloud with expression and stopping/pausing appropriately, plus practise their basic Math skills for speed, that would be great and beneficial to them!

Have a nice weekend!

Parent/teacher interviews are Oct. 19th and 20th.  There are not a lot of after dinner spots; if a spot does not work for you, you can phone or mail me and make an appt. for the AM, lunchtime, or after-school on any date good for you.  I believe the office will put out a schedule in front of the school for sign ups.  Thanks.