Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Wednesday, Dec. 16

1.  Some kids have not brought Secret Santa gift yet; pls have it here tomorrow as this is when we are having the game.
2.  Send snacks for our little Christmas party if you are able-Thursday.
3.  Math test- Thursday.
4.  Extra Math group- 2 yellow sheets were dueFriday.
5.  Skate bag with helmet for Friday.  Driver forms went home.
6.  Handwriting letter q,Q plus 2 Grammar sheets- should be done.

Primary Christmas concert was very nice today.  

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tuesday, Dec. 15

1.  Thanks so much to swimming drivers!  Kids had fun!

2.  Math test Thursday.

3.  Secret Santa gift- latest Thursday as we are doing game Thursday.

4.  Skate stuff  including helmet ready for friday.

5. Send snacks in for party on Thursday.  Thanks!

Monday, 14 December 2015

Monday, Dec. 14

1.  Secret Santa gift-ASAP. 
2.  Swim bag and lunch- Tuesday- leave at 12:35. Return at 2:10 for being at school at 2:30.
3.  Driver reminder sheet and other newsletter home.
4.  Party Thursday.  Ask parents if they can send snacks: chips, vegetables, fruit, cookies, etc..
5.  Poetry present home.
6.  Math multiplication with double digits and zeros plus simple division- test is Thursday before party.
7.  Young Artists Entries- bring back any art that you would like to enter.  Contest is not until March but some kids have done great art and may want it entered.  I will keep it safe.  All entries will be returned to student by March or June.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Thursday, Dec. 10

1.  Secret Santa gift due Monday or Tuesday if possible.  Wrap and label his or her name.
2.  Mug for Friday
3.  Spelling test if we have time Friday- STUDY!
4.  Cookies and Art home.  The kids had a lot of fun making dipped chocolate cookies.  They are also bringing home hours of art projects...about 12 beautiful pieces. You may want to frame one or 2 as gifts for for yourself!
5.  Prepare swim bag for Tuesday!
6.  Secret Santa present giving Thursday, plus if parents want to send in any snacks for a small party.  We will be playing a few games and dancing.
7.  Prepare for skating with helmet and skates for last day of school.  Report cards go home too.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Wednesday, Dec.9

1.  Cupcakes for Mrs. Wick's Spirit Club- You can bake cupcakes to help the cause, or just buy one for a dollar if you choose.  Bring or buy on Friday.
2.  Bring a large black garbage bag to take home your art in case you want to frame it or give it to someone for Christmas.
3.  Bring sprinkles, smarties, etc. if you would like "extras" on your cookies we are making Thursday.  Bring a mug in prep for Friday’s Poetry reading.
4.  Study multiplication!!!  There are 6 students struggling with our new unit of simple division because they do not know multiplication facts.  Try to do every night!
5.  Science song projects- bring props Thursday and Friday for Monday's presentations.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Tuesday, Dec. 8

1.  Drivers information sheet for both field trips handed to all kids.
2.  Chocolate/Cookie making is on Thursday- Mrs. A will pick up the cookies, chocolate dippers, etc.   If you want to bring some sprinkles or smarties or gummie bears for the top, you can.
3.  Mrs. A will pick up the hot chocolate, more cookies and marshmallows for the Poetry reading special Friday.  Please bring a mug Thursday or Friday.
4.  Multiplication and division sheets- due tomorrow.  Lots of class time given.  Those who have not memorized multiplication facts will probably take much longer.
5.  Spelling due Thursday.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Thursday, Dec. 3

1.  Handwriting- due Friday
2.  2 field trip forms, plus $5.00 according to letter sent home yesterday- ASAP.
3.  Poetry- all due Friday AM.
4.  Jammies, stuffie day.
5.  Spelling- study for test.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tuesday, Dec. 1

1.  Science/Art skulls drawings- colored and due Wednesday.
2.  2 Math sheets- due Wednesday.
3.  Poetry- entire project that we have worked on since September- all with pictures and colored- including checklist at the front- due Friday.
4.  Paragraph on endangered animals-due Thursday.