Thursday, 28 May 2015

Thursday, May 28

1.  Pack of cookies or just 1 or 2 to bring for your little buddy for story reading tomorrow. Thanks.
2.  Fractions/Decimals conversions, etc. test Friday.
3.  Make sure Childrens Story is at school tomorrow or you will not be able to read it to your buddy.
4.  SS- Country- 15 minutes per night until due date of June 10 to 12.  Some students may need less or more time.  I continue to remind the students of the criteria sheet. 
5.  French Menu- Due Friday, Monday latest.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tuesday, May 26

1.  We will read to our little buddies, our stories that we wrote and illustrated...on Friday.  If you are able to send in a pack of cookies, or just one or 2 for your child to give to his/her little buddy (I'll bring extra if someone cannot bring any), the little buddies would greatly appreciate it.

2.  Behaviour Children's Story- Hopefully finished by Friday and illustrated to be able to read the little buddies.

3.  French Menu- Hopefully all done the entire thing by Friday.  I cannot give a strict deadline yet as many kids have been involved in Track and other activities which disallows them time in the Computer Lab.   Same as above.

4.  S.S. Country of Choice- I am trying to have a check on where students are...most have done quite a bit of research and are starting their paragraphs, writing in their own words as much as possible.  Some students are telling me that the project is at home.  If they are mainly doing it at home, I still need to see first drafts ( I told them) and they need to be working on an alternate assignment(something else they need to finish) at school or finding clipart, etc. for their project.  They also need to continue to recheck criteria sheet!!!  They will be given poster paper at school but it is white. If they want colored, they will have to get it themselves.  White is fine by me.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Monday, May 25

1.  Pizza Day orders for this Friday are due Tuesday, tomorrow.
2.  Thx so much for informing me of what you can send for French Food Day...a few kids still need to let me know, or you can send $6.00.  Still need roast beef and cold already cooked fries. 
3.  We are reading our stories that we have written and are illustrating right now; we will be reading to Mrs. McCarthy's class Friday.  If you are able to send in any cookies this week, we will give our little buddies one or 2 while they listen to us read. Again, thanks for your support.
4.  Science test- Simple Machines- Students did fairly well on this test.  I helped them study a little more today.  Their marks are in their agenda.  Test was out of 35, but grade 4 students get an extra 5 points, since they had to study and do the same unit as the grade 5 students this time.  Most students scored between 26 and 35 as a raw score.  I still need to check the tests over so they will not come home yet.
5.  2 AM Reading/Writing worksheets as well as 2 Handwriting worksheets- due Tuesday.
6.  District Track Meet competitors- Congrats!  Meet at 8 AM tomorrow in the Gym.

Please note:  I remind the students daily that they don't normally have much homework (except reading a book and studying for a test).  However, right now, most of them should be doing 15 to 30 minutes per night working on their:  French Menu, Behaviour Children's Story and SS Country of Choice Project...these have been our long term projects this term.  It is quite possible that they can still achieve an "A" on these projects without much homework, but an "A" is going "Above and Beyond" so homework may help some students achieve a better mark.  Also, students are given criteria sheets for everything, so they should be able to show you in their duotangs.  There should not be any guessing as to what is expected.  Thanks.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Friday, May 22

1.  The BLOG is the same as yesterday, plus:

2.  Triangles/Fractions test- please look at the test scores.  I do not require the tests back.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Thursday, May 21

1.  The BLOG has not been working the past few days...sorry.
2.  French Food Day forms- thanks for sending back to indicate whether you can send food or $6.00.  French Food Day/skits are on June 5.
3.  Field trip forms- due ASAP. Thx.
4.  Grammar morning worksheets- due Friday.
5.  French menu cover- due Monday.
6.  French typed menu- due Tuesday.
7.  Behaviour story completed and illustrated (always check criteria sheets)-due next Friday, May 29th.
8.  Country of Choice- check criteria sheet weekly! Due on poster by June 10.  Currently, students should have researched most info. on 4 to 8 topics and should be starting paragraphs in their own words. Password was given for use of GoogleDocs at home so they can access World Book Encyclopedia for Kids.
9. Simple Machines test-now Monday. We will be doing more studying Friday on our cue cards. 

Please note:  I told the students that although they may not have had a lot of homework in past couple months, they should be doing at least 15 minutes per night on some of the above long term projects.  Thanks!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Friday, May 15

1.  Holiday Monday, May 18- Enjoy!
2.  Math pgs 270/275 for grade 5s and 206/209 for grade 4s due tuesday.
3.  Fractions test- Wednesday. I will review main rules learned...on Tuesday for Wednesday’s test.
4.  Simple Machines test- next friday, May 22
5.  Behaviour Stories should be 50% illustrated and or coloured by Tuesday.  Make sure you bring back to school if you are bringing them home.  Students will receive an art mark on Tuesday for this at the half way point.  Writing marks have been given for first drafts of stories and edited versions.

6.  Important!  Please send in field trip form and $10.00 by Tuesday.  I am absent to teach at the Young Artists Conference on Friday, so please do not send your money and form in tomorrow.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tuesday, May 12

1.  3 Morning worksheets:  one Science, one Math, and one Grammar- due Wednesday.
2.  Math- pg 201/205 for grade 4s                pg 269 for grade 5s.                 Measurement unit is over and we will continue with Fractions unit.

3.  Students enjoyed a Band Performance today!

4.  French Menus- more time given in Computers today.  80% or more should be done; if not, I have been telling the students to head to the computer room at lunch for 10-15 minutes this week.

5.  Math tests checked over and sent out.  No need to sign.  Kids may have put directly into test duotang.

6.  Behaviour stories- we are now on illustrations and time is given in class for next couple weeks, but students may optionally bring home to work on.  50% or less permitted by CLIPART or a mom, dad, friend, etc..  The rest drawn by student as well as colored.

7.  Year end field trip forms will go home soon.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Friday, May 8

1.  Scholastic Orders-due Monday.
2.  Social Studies country project- should work on for 15 minutes to 30 minutes on weekend. 
3.  Math test out of 25- score written down in agenda.  Tests will be given back after I review.  Last Math units are:  Fractions, Ratios, Rates and Percents  and Geometry.

Students had lots of fun in groups with their artistic weird creations of fruits and vegetables, whereby the main thing they learned was how to wash hands properly, and secondly, how to get along in group work.  Thanks very much to parents who were able to send in fruits and vegetables and to all students for sharing with each other. 

Students also have worked hard to make Mother's Day gifts.  So if you do not get one, ask your child to dig to the bottom of his/her backpack to retrieve the present!  I hope that all moms have an extra special weekend!  I will be battling on the golf course with my 2 kids...and trying to play some golf as well!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Monday, Tuesday, May 4 and 5

1.  Scholastic orders-due Monday.
2.  SS Country project- optional at home.
3.  French Menus- should be about half finished; otherwise, you may need to visit Computer room at lunch.
4.  Math- 2 review sheets plus fractions textbook page- ASAP as these pages are done in preparation for tests.  Most finished in class today.
5.  Math- last Measurement test- Friday- study some of the new things we learned this week such as volume, mass, etc..

Special Friday is Fruit and Vegetables day:  Kids are in groups of 2 or 3 and they bring what fruit and veges they can.  They then wash their hands thoroughly and take a tray and build or design something creative or artistic in a time limit.  If they desire, they can eat it after, or at least eat the stuff they did not require for their "art".  We will also be doing some graphing on information related to fruits and veges eaten.  If it was my own kids' graph, the graph may show a FLAT line!!!!  We are trying!!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Friday, May 1

1.  Students enjoyed an Honours Choir Performance this AM.
2.  Students continued with their third Track and Field rotation; these scores help to determine who makes the Zone Track Meet and also help formulate their report card Gym marks.
3.  Congratulations to Braydon Gough and Liam Dalton.  They were chosen from over 1000 entries in B.C. to be in the TOP 50 for the B.C. Firefighters Burn Poster Contest that our class entered back in October.  They received a Dalmatian Stuffie, pencils, erasers, etc.. They also earned $50.00 each for the school to give to a charity.  We have decided to give it to The Red Cross Kathmandu fund, where many Burnaby and other B.C. firefighters are helping earthquake victims.

4.  French Menus should be about half typed; if not, students should go in the computer room at lunch to type, as they have either chosen to make a long menu or they are slower at typing.

Have  a great weekend!