Friday, 30 January 2015

Friday, really Friday, Jan. 30

1.  CARNIVAL picnic theme donations to fill our class basket for PAC.  Thanks.

2.  Family Under the Bridge novel test- Thursday.  Students are studying elements of the novel in class and for their project.  They should not have to study that much at home.
3. Family Under the Bridge project- about 10 min. per day at home if possible.  But plenty of time is given in class.  About 3 weeks left and they will be due. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Friday, January 29

1.  Carnival donations for PAC - please send if possible- picnic party theme.
2.  Lat./Long/ test- look at it. Average score was 9.  Great results!
3.  French Quiz- look at it.  average score was 9.  More good results.
4.  Family Under Bridge Project- optional-try 10 min. per night.  Lots of class time given and will be given for next 3 weeks.
5.  Multiplication practice- just a reminder that some students are struggling with division because they have not memorized times tables for speed and accuracy.  Please double check your child's progress by asking them 15 to 20 questions.  Nightly practice if required.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wednesday,  Jan. 28

1.  CARNIVAL donations for our class basket- We do not have any yet, but PAC is asking that our class gather up Party Picnic Stuff...napkins, non alcoholic drinks, chips, snacks, paper plates, plastic utensils and plates, pool towels, BBQ stuff, etc..  Thanks for sending anything you can in next couple weeks.

2.  Science test home today- pls sign and return.  Average score was 16 out of 21.
3.  French quiz Thursday- People- Study cue cards.
4.  Handwriting letter L, l- finish-most did in class.  Check handwriting book before monday to see that you have finished practising all the letters so far; I'll collect next week.
5.  Suggested- Novel Study Project- 10-15 minutes per night if no other major homework.

Please note-many students are getting into some trouble on the playground at recess and lunch.  I will show HOT/COLD/COOL problem solving videos again and discuss with kids. 
Please encourage your kids to watch behaviours at break times; it is not great to have to take class time to deal with the after effects when we come back into class and are supposed to work on the academic curriculum.  Thanks for your support.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Monday, January 26

1.  Family Under the Bridge novel study project- kids have a project criteria sheet and have finished between 1 and 6 paragraphs, lists, artwork, etc....whatever they are choosing to write/draw and type up in order to fit into their artistic brown paper bag(that we will be making next week).  Students using their time wisely will not need to do much at home.  Students who are socializing and requiring a lot of teacher monitoring may have more homework in this area.
2.  Latitude and Longitude- We reviewed and practised how to find coordinates on a map- tomorrow, students will need to plot 10 coordinates on a map for 20 points in S.S..
3.  Science test- study and make notes on your cue card by looking at the:  Musculoskeletal System sheet, Excretory System sheet, Defence system sheet and the Nutrition sheets.  Test is Wednesday.  This is the last human body info.. and then we are moving on to a new unit.
4.  French quiz on PEOPLE- ie- homme is a man, femme is a woman, etc.. There is only one sheet in duotang that kids need to study. We reviewed last french class.
5.  Last day for hot dog orders and scholastic orders.
6.  Our class is responsible for "PICNIC ITEMS-SPRING FLING PATIO PARTY" for the Carnival on Thursday, Feb. 19 from 6 PM to 8 PM.   Items may include: patio dishes, yummy treats or drinks, summery napkins, outdoor candles, paper plates and cups, etc.. This is put on by PAC and they appreciate your generosity if you are able to send anythign in to add to our big basket.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the most books in the school Heaping the Honda from our class...thanks for taking the time and energy to look through your books and donate.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Friday, Jan. 23

1.  Science Test- last one on Human Body- kids were given notes on content. Kids were all told to bring home duotangs this weekend.  They were given a little help to start studying and will be given more time to study Mon. and Tues. in class, as i postponed test until Wednesday due to FSA testing.
2.  Scholastic orders and pizza orders- due Monday.
3.  I am starting ART CLUB again. students in grade 4 to 7 must fill out an application this year which they can get from me.

Some more Math tests will come home.  I still have to work with some kids so you will not see their test yet.  Thanks.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Thursday, Jan. 23

1.  Scholastic Book orders due- ASAP.
2.  French 12 q and a- due Friday.  French quiz on this- next thursday.
3.  Paragraphs/Stories- due, read aloud Friday.
4.  Math tests signed and returned- if you got it back.  If you did not, Mrs. Abraham Support Workers will work with student to review and teach what they did not understand.  Then, the test will come home.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Wednesday, Jan. 21

1.  Paragraph- due Thursday AM.  Hopefully, a peer or parent had time to help edit.
2.  Creative Story- Due Friday.  Grade 5s only.  Grade 4s are optional as they have been writing the FSA tests.
3.  Science test- Monday- Study:  bones, muscles, excretory system, nutrition and immune system-all sheets in your duotang and info. from videos.  Many kids have been is their responsibility to copy answers off the back wall so they have the info. for the test.
4.  Multiplication quizzes.  Pls sign and return.  It is great to see most students scoring 26 or above now!  Those that are not will find Math harder and harder...pls. encourage them to study at night.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tuesday, Jan. 20

1.  Heap the Honda- thanks for even more books; Mr. S will be very happy with our class!
2.  Paragraph on Paris- some students who were absent are writing on different subject- should try to get edited and hand in by Thursday- will read aloud to class Friday.
3.  Creative short story using criteria explained- due Friday.
4.  FSA tests continue through the week for grade 4 students. Grade 5 students are learning the importance of independence.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Monday, Jan. 19

1.  Last couple days of Heap the honda-- donate books if you like.  Thx.
2.  Paragraph on facts about Paris ( The setting in our novel)-due Thursday.
3.  Novel project- First, remember that students are supposed to be finished reading the novel.  If they are not finished, they are behind and will get further behind.  Kids can do about 10-15 minutes a night when they have time...on their project.  Project will be due in aprox. 3 weeks.
4.  Grade 4s will work on FSA tests all week.  Eat breakfast.
5.  We are working on a short story writing unit.  Students started a creative story but more time will be given in class.  Due Friday.

Please continue to sign agendas nightly if possible.  It keeps the students on their "feet."  However, I will only be stamping them on occasion as it takes 10 minutes each morning from curriculum teaching, and when added up, that is a lot of learning time.  Hopefully, students are practising organizational and time management skills by now so that they can be responsible for their own success!

Friday, 16 January 2015

Friday, Jan. 16

1.  Take home Spelling tests.  I do not need them signed or returned.  I also remind the students that Spelling tests are fine, but the most important thing is to spell the words correctly, in the accurate context, in daily work. 
2.  Students were given a new novel study project and I outlined and reviewed their criteria sheets.  Any students who were absent will need to see a trustworthy peer to explain what I already explained.  There is no due date yet, as I will see how quickly most students are working as we go.  If students have not finished the very short novel, Family Under the Bridge, please encourage them to finish or they will find themselves behind next week.
3.  Math tests will be given back Monday.  I need to look them over before handing back.
4.  Thanks for taking the time to go through your books and donate to Heap the Honda!  I am fairly sure that our class has the most donations to give!  You can still send books in if you like.
5.  FSA testing will take place next week for our grade 4s.  Please make sure that they have eaten breakfast and that they have snacks if they get hungry.  Tests are on computer and by booklet.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Thursday, Jan. 15

1.  Tropical Day- dress and snacks- Friday.
2.  Math booklet- due Friday- most are done and handed in.
3.  Math test- Friday.
4.  Spelling test- Friday.
5.  Heap the Honda!  Thx so far for all the donated books!
6.  FAS tests for grade 4 students- please make sure you read the letter to parents going home today.  If students wish to practice for the tests, they can log in at home.  The real tests will begin next week.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wednesday, Jan. 14

1.  I was absent this AM- thanks to kids for their good behaviour with T.O.C.  However, Mrs. Wicks had to come speak to class about poor behaviour on soccer field with many students from our class. Please speak to your child if he or she was playing soccer and encourage he or she to use appropriate problem solving skills.  Thanks.

2.  Math booklet due Friday.
3.  Spelling test Friday-study.
4.  Heap the Honda!
5.  Tropical day Friday.
6.  S.S. test- please take home and get signed and return it Thursday.
7.  Young Artists Contest- not due for another month to Mrs. Abraham, but please be aware that if students brought home art at Christmas break but would like to submit it for the contest, they need to bring it back to school by March 10.  I told them this in December.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tuesday, Jan. 13

1.  Heap the Honda!
2.  Tropics Day Friday!
3.  Math review booklets due Friday.  Test Friday on review of all computations, including basic division.
4.  Spelling words- test Friday- study.
5.  Paragraphs- due Friday.  But bring books to school because you may read them aloud to T.O.C. on Wednesday AM when Mrs. Abraham is absent for the morning.  Thanks.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Monday, Jan. 12

1. Grammar test- capitals and periods- study for Tuesday.

2.  Longitude and Latitude quiz- Tuesday- study cue cards and sheets.

3.  Paragraph on jobs and careers- due Thursday.  Hopefully you are getting someone to help edit it before handing in for final mark.

4.  Heap the Honda- please try to bring in any gently used books to contribute to those who have less.

5.  Tropical Friday- dress tropical and bring a tropical snack for yourself- all optional.

6.  Spelling- sentences due Friday.  Test Friday...know the words in context!!

7.  Review Math Booklet- due Friday- should have 6 or more pages done. 

Friday, 9 January 2015

Friday, Jan. 9

1.  Burn Poster- due Monday-7 kids still need to hand in.
2.  Grammar duotang check- due Monday.
3.  Grammar test on capitals and periods- Tuesday.
4.  Friday special-Tropical wear and snacks to bring for yourself.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Thursday, Jan. 8

1.  Burn poster- any not handed in must be handed in by Monday for art mark and optionally, for contest.
2.  Grammar duotangs- check to see that all sheets have been completed; I'll collect duotangs Monday for a completion mark.  Students will start to get more specific quizzes on punctuation, grammar, etc. this term.
3.  Math review booklet- 12 pages- try to have first 2 pages done by Friday.
4.  Hot dog orders due Jan. 13

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Wednesday, Jan. 7

1.  Sounds like the kids had a great break; I will hear more about their activities tomorrow as we were quite busy with lots of work today.
2.  Hot dog orders due ASAP- see order forms.
3.  S.S. -latitude and longitude, plus grid map practice-please try to have those sheets completed by Friday, ready for Mr. S and his computer lesson Monday.
4.  Math- 12 review sheets to be completed over the next week and a half.  Some parts are bonus for grade 4 students.   We will have a Math test in 2 weeks. Homework is optional today.
5.  Pointillism plus line art- ideas for your project!  Practise in your sketch book.