Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Tuesday, April

1.  Thank you so much for all the JDRF donations and the SPCA  donations!!

2.  Internet Safety Booklet all colored: due friday.

3.  Story writing book- written part due Friday.

4.  Study Multiplication!!!

5.  Studying Extreme Weather with Mr. S in Science.

6.  Optional Canvas for Art project due Friday: $5.00.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Tuesday, April 25

1.  Sorry I have not been able to post for awhile; my password was disabled and it took awhile to figure out how to retrieve it!

2.  The students saw a really good story teller today; he read his own book, DIPNETTING WITH DAD.  The author is a First Nations fisherman from Williams Lake. It was a really good presentation to extend our First Nations Unit in S.S.

3.  Spelling is due Wednesday.  Hopefully, parents are able to help edit and help your child understand the errors, which I continue to review and reinforce (capitals at start, capitals on proper nouns, periods, punctuation marks, spelling, etc..). Thanks!

4.  Study multiplication facts nightly!

5.  Purple letter home- important; please read!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tuesday, March 7

1.  Special Friday is First Nation's items of any sort which kids can show in front of the class; could be beaded jewelry, mini canoes or teepees, feathers, any type of crafts or art, magazine articles, Internet printed information, moccasins, samples of food such as salmon, bannock, game meat, etc..

2.  Landforms test Friday- study cue cards we will make Wednesday.

3.  Jump Rope for Heart envelopes are overdue to Mrs. Baerg.

4.  Spelling corrections- due Wednesday.

5.  Math Jump- pages 109, 110, 11 for grade 3s.     Grade 4s need to get pages 100-103.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Wednesday, Feb. 22

1.  Scholastic orders due! 
2.  Learning about Bullying sheet- share with parents what you learned from the video and Mrs. Abraham
3.  Story using your cartoons- first draft due Thursday.  Typed version due some time next week. 
4.  JUMP Math- grade 3- pages 98, 99,
                              grade 4- 95
                              due:  Thursday.

5.  Carnival- 6-8 Thursday night.
6.  Winnie The Pooh- form plus $10.00 due ASAP.  Actual date is March 6.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Wednesday, Feb. 15

1.  Friday Valentines party this Friday from 10:30 to 12:00- please sned some snacks if possible...vegetable plate, fruit plate, cookies, cupcakes, chips, etc.   Hopefully, they will skate it off!!!  Skating drivers to show up at 12:25 or so.  Leave Mac Park around 2:00. 

2.  We run every morning and then shoot baskets; a lot of students are reporting that they cannot run due to ankle problems, etc..  However, I do see them at recess running around!  Please send a note in agenda if your child is not to run.  This would then mean they cannot participate in Gym class with Mrs. O either. Thanks for your cooperation.  Most kids love running to the music, but I find some feel they can get some attention from friends if they have a reason not to run.

3.  Spelling corrections- due Friday.  Also, Friday= Spelling test.

4.  Gather skates for friday!

5.  Math and Reading booklets started with TOC and continued today- due Friday.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Wednesday, Feb. 1

1.  Thanks for all the PAC Art donations so far!  If you can still donate, we really need scrapbook paper and design scissors.  I am sure the kids will have fun at the Winter Carnival on Feb. 24th and the money raised from the baskets goes toward new Playground equipment.

2.  Scholastic orders due Thursday.  In order to avoid shipping charges, I need to put a group order in, so if orders come late, there is a shipping charge...new policy with Scholastic.

3.  Multiplication and rounding test Thursday.  Kids are really starting to memorize their times tables and are able to multiply one digit times 3 and 4 digits!  They can also round to the nearest tens and hundreds right now.

4.  Spelling test Friday- study.

5.  Special Friday- We will have another guest speaker come in.  She is from the City of Kamloops and will talk about the importance of looking after our water and the environment. We also have an assembly which features the KSO!

Monday, 23 January 2017

Monday, Jan. 23

1.  Kids are working hard in partners on their Science Environment tips posters.

2.  Math Jump workbook- grades 3s are working to complete pages 68, 69, 72 and 73.
       Grade 4s have been working on FSA tests and are now continuing pages 76 and 77 in Jump.

3.  Spelling Unit 17- due Wednesday.

4.  Owls in the Family- Vocabulary sentences to number 10 due Tuesday.

Vicki and the Brain Injury Association will be in on Friday to educate the kids about the risks of head injuries and the importance of appropriate risk taking and wearing helmets.   There will also be a school assembly on Friday.

We have collected a little bit for our ART PAC basket for the Winter Carnival; thanks to anyone who was able to send something in.  If you have not already and are able, we really need: Scrapbooking paper, gel pens, sharpies and stickers.  Thanks!