Thursday, 30 October 2014

Thursday, Oct. 31-Boo!

1. Party was fun!  Kids were well behaved and appreciative!  Thanks so much for all the treats for their party.
2.  Friday, kids can wear costumes if they like but must take off anything preventing them or others from concentrating.  WE will also eat the rest of the treats!  I'll try to make sure kids bring their containers/plates home.
3.  Spelling review words are due Friday.  Most finished and handed in.
4.  French Body Parts poster is due Friday.  Most finished and handed in.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Wednesday, Oct. 29

1.  Piece of red onion if possible...for microscope.
2.  Spelling review words- there are 197 of them.  Students have been given 4 weeks. Lots of time in class. Most have finished.  Due Friday, Oct. 31
3.  Halloween paragraph- recall parents and peers are able to help edit, but not change the wording...if time! Thanks. Due Thursday, Oct. 30
4.  French Body Parts poster- due Friday.  Most students are done.
5.  6 poems so far- typed or printed neatly- pictures and color on each- I will be checking for those Monday, Nov. 3.  Then, we will carry on with the rest of our Poetry project.
6.  Remember if you were able to sign up to bring food for Halloween party, please send by 10:20.

We have Earth Rangers show at 9:30, Gym at 10:20 and party contests at 11:15 and 1:00  Thursday.  FRiday is a very calm day at school.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tuesday, Oct. 28

1.  Party - Thursday; please send food by recess...10:20 AM.
2.  French Body Parts sheet- due this friday.
3.  Review Spelling list of 200 words- due this friday.
4.  Poetry pictures and color- no due date yet as this is an ongoing project. 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Monday, Oct. 27

1.  Bring gloves, hat and good jacket to school as kids are not permitted in at recess and they are encouraged to go out at lunch.
2.  Spelling review words(200) are due Friday.  We started first week of school.
3.  Spelling Unit 3 words are due Tuesday.  Most finished in class.
4.  Paragraph on Halloween safety- due Thursday.  Parents and peers are permitted to help edit before student hands in for final mark.  Checklist is included in Paragraph Writing book today and we reviewed it in class.
5.  Math-       5 students will take another quiz on: more than, less than and equal to, rounding and adding/subtracting.  Quiz will be Wednesday.   Students will be helped one to one Monday and Tuesday,  Kids will also have to review at home in order to improve.
6.  Thursday- small class Halloween party- no costumes this day...thanks.  If you are able to bring a snack/treat for kids, please send in AM or by 10:20 AM.  Thanks!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Thursday, Oct. 23

1.  Scholastic orders extended until Monday.
2.  Poetry- take home and check to see if you have finsihed everything expected so far.
3. Spelling review words- 200- one more week to finish- will be given a little more class time.  60% of class finished so far.
4.  French Body parts- due next Friday.
5.  Mystery House novel study cover- due Monday- 80% of class finished already.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wednesday, Oct. 22

1.  Mystery house cover page due:  Monday (since Friday is a Pro D day).
2.  Never poem-first draft- due thursday.
3.  French Body Parts poster- due NEXT Friday.
4.  Ask about bringing party treats for next Thursday.
5.  Math from today- optional-most finished which helps them for the quiz on more than, less than and equal to, rounding and also adding/subtracting-Thursday/tomorrow.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tuesday, Oct. 21

1.  Bluesberries Concert in Gym tomorrow AM, aprox. 9:15.  Featuring Blues music.
2.  Class Halloween party next Thursday, Oct. 30- Kids will not wear costumes on this day. We will have games such as Monster Math and Mummy creations.  Please consider helping out by sending in a roll of toilet paper and possibly sending food of some sort ( vegetable plate, fruit skewers, muffins, cookies, Halloween treats, etc.)  Please send 15 or 30  if possible, and nothing that requires a bunch of cutting or preparation.  If there are too many treats for that day, we will save for Friday and Monday. If there are not enough, they will get plenty on Halloween I am sure!  I told the kids to ask parents but if parents are too busy this time, maybe they can send on the next party.  Thanks.
3.  Paragraph on Places- due Wednesday- try to have adult or peer edit before handing in for final mark.
4.  Mystery house cover page- due Friday.
5.  Scholastic orders-due Friday. 
6.  Poetry- should have 3 Haikus good copy, 1 Jingle and 1 Simile poem in the works.  Students will be given a checklist soon so they can keep track themselves of which poems need to be typed or neatly hand written, or pictures added or colored.  Sometimes there are no exact due dates because we are reliant on getting computer time.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Monday, Oct. 20

1.  Spelling Unit 2- all words should be written out 5 times by Tuesday.  All or most finished in class today. Spelling sentences and activities will start in mid November. Right now, they will just write the words out and study for tests at the end of the week. Test this week will be Thursday.
2.  Paragraph #2- This will be marked. Please try to have a look at your child's paragraph.  You can help point out silly errors such as capitals, spelling and some punctuation which we have already reviewed in class. Then, when the student hands the paragraph in, he/she can get a better mark for having taken the time to get it partially edited.  If you do not have time, students will also be able to get a peer to check it.
3.  SS Provinces and Capitals test- pls sign if you have time and return.  Most students did very well- 90 to 100% on almost all tests!  That is great!
4.  Mystery house novel- new book cover- colored and outlined in felt- due Friday.
5.  Reminder that there is a Pro-D Day this Friday.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Friday, Oct. 17

1.  Colors French Wordfinder- due Tuesday- most finished in class.

2.  Spelling Test- signed and rtrnd if possible.
3.  Provinces- Capitals test- Monday...we studied in class 3 times but it will help if student reviews at home.
4.  Please continue to sign agenda to the end of the month and as long as you wish...end of the year if you like.  Organization and time management is an important part of life and learning.  However, you may not see my stamp every day now as I will do spot checks and focus on those students with "completion of task" issues.  Then, I can spend more one to one time for that 15 minute period on Math help. Thanks for your understanding.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Wednesday, Thursday, Oct. 15/16

1.  Study Multiplication tables!
2.  Human Body Title pages- due Thursday- most students finished in class and handed them in.
3.  Capitals/Provinces test- Study for Monday's test.  We studied in class and made up a lot of weird clues.  Most students then scored 100% and will continue to look over for Monday's test.
4.  Spelling- months test- some kids had time to study in class and some did not.  Study for tomorrow's test.
5.  Friday- Special day- wear PJs!
6.  Halloween Dance- put on by PAC- kids must be supervised by adult- thanks.
7.  Scholastic books went home today.  Cole's order was wrong and I will get it cleared up today and hopefully it will get here within a week.  They sent Pokemon instead, so I will enjoy reading about Charmander...a dragon flamethrowing monster...tonight.  Because of course, we always have time to study Pokemon, right.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Friday, Oct. 10

1.  Math multiplication quiz, plus place values/subtraction quiz- pls sign if possible and returnTuesday.

2.  Jingle Commercial poem-  more time in class next week- optional.

3.  Happy Thanksgiving.  May you enjoy good food, friends and family.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Thursday, Oct. 9

1.  Math quiz on Subtraction and Place Values.  We studied in class and students can use chart and sheets to look over at home.
2.  Haikus- I did not get chance to collect today; I'll collect tomorrow AM.
3.  Gum Day- Friday- only in our classroom.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Wednesday, Oct. 8

1.  Salmon Run Field trip- parents...we will see you out there whenever you get there.  Join our class group if you like. We will not separate into groups,  as many parents are getting there at different times-no problem.  Our lessons are at 10:30.  We also will eat lunch by the river and continue with our Scavenger Hunt that the students will start on the bus. Thanks for sending a BIG lunch for the kids and good clothing/boots or shoes.
2.  Gum Day is Friday- Please send a pack of gum if possible for your child. Sugarless if possible. I'll give to those that do not have any.   Gum is only in our classroom...nowhere else.
3.  Haikus typed or written and pictures/colors around them- due Thursday.  Most students finished and handed in today.
4.  Math quiz on Place Values and Subtraction- we studied today in class.  Students can look over study sheets at home.  Quiz is Friday.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tuesday, Oct. 7

1.  times tables- 15 minutes
2.  bring pencil bag or freezie bag
3.  SS- both maps due Wednesday- most kids finished in class.
4.  Haikus- 3 colored- due Thursday- most kids finished in class; more time in class Wednesday.
5.  Math quiz Friday- Place Values and Subtraction with regrouping.  We will study in class.
6.  Gum Day Friday in our classroom only.  Pls send gum with your child---preferably sugarless.  I will have some for those that cannot bring any.  We will be talking about the "Science of Gum" and which lasts longer....sugary or sugarless gum?  Kids earn special Fridays (pajama day, soup can day, etc.) by being respectful and getting most of their work done in class.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Monday, Oct. 6

1.  Times table practice- 10-15 minutes per night until memorized.
2.  SS- World and Canada map- due Wednesday all colored and labelled-most kids finished in class.
3.  Haiku poems- 3- typed or hand printed neatly, with pictures and color (could take from magazines or clipart or draw).  Due Thursday- more time will be given in class.

All students have handed in field trip forms to Salmon Run.  Some parents have indicated that they will meet us out there.  We will probably hike out there and move in one big group, but if there are parents that would like to assume a small group, you can let me know out there.  If you have not indicated but decide that you are going to meet us out there, please let me know if possible.   I believe our group is first at the learning stations at 10:30.  Please pack your child lots of lunch and drinks.  Rubber boots or appropriate shoe wear is important. Also, we will be outside the whole time, so make sure your child brings warm gear.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Friday, Oct. 3

1.  Students did a great job with Terry Fox speeches in front of school today.  They also helped raise over $1000.00 for the Foundation.  A very good start to the year.

2.  Multiplication practice- 10-15 minutes per day for as long as it takes.

3.  Good copy of 3 Haikus- due Thursday, Oct. 9.  Most finished typing 1, 2 or 3 in computer room today.  Poems can be typed at home or hand written neatly as well.  Students also have to add pictures and color.  There will be time given in class next week and computers are available at lunch as well if they type as slow as I do.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Thursday, Oct. 2

1.  Bring runners and jacket for Terry Fox Run at 9 AM.

2.  Multiplication practice- 10-15 min. per day.  Try it in the car.

3.  Subtraction sheet- due Friday.  Most kids finished in class.

4.  Addition text page- most kids finished in class.

5.  Scholastic orders will be ordered Friday.

6.  Daily schedule went home today- take a look if you like.

7.  Parent teacher interviews Oct. 15 and 16- 12:30 on.  Probably will be sign up near office but it is not out yet; I'll tell you when.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wednesday, Oct. 1

1.  Poetry title page- due Friday.
2.  2 Math quizzes- pls sign and return if possible.  Marks for multiplication facts quizzes will not be tabulated for report cards for at least a month.  But it would be great if most students took the time to memorize all of them within that time.  Pls try to help your child practise 15 minutes per night.  Otherwise, all the other work we do in Math will be more difficult.
3.  Scholastic orders- due Fri.
4.  Last call for Terry Fox donations- thanks so much for all that was sent in.
5.  Salmon Run Field trip- pls send form back ASAP with $5.00.  If you plan to join us, pls indicate on the form.  Even if you want to come for part of the day, that is fine.  I believe our educational learning centers are at 10:30 out there.  Done around 11:30, then lunch and hiking and observing and rolling in salmon.  Just joking.  That is what my dog does.