Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wednesday, Sept. 30

1.  Pajama/Gum day in our classroom Friday.  Please optionally allow your child to wear pajamas and bring gum.  I will provide gum for those that cannot bring any...if the student is allowed! 
2.  Grammar Pronouns sheet and sentences- finish and look over.  Test next tuesday on nouns, verbs and pronouns.
3.  Math test on Rounding/Adding and subtracting on Thursday.  We have studied on class but it helps to review at home. 
4.  Haikus-try to have them finished in first draft by Thursday and Friday to be able to type them up in Computer Room. 

Daily schedule will be sent home today.  Please keep somewhere like a fridge or a binder so you can refer to it if you need to know when kids have Gym or when their library books need to be returned, etc..  It often changes a little bit in a day depending on how long the students generally need to complete work.

Grade 4 parents:  You will receive a letter today about a school mtg.  I cannot be at the mtg but you are welcome to attend this informative session put on by Mrs. Cavani.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Tuesday, Sept. 30

1.  T.O.C. in Wed. AM.  Thanks to students for good behaviour...I hope!
2.  Paragraph and Spelling due Thursday.  Most students finished in class and just need to take home to check.  Spelling test Friday.
3.  Math Rounding test is Thursday.  Practice sheet sent home today to get done, hopefully by tomorrow.
4.  Scholastic orders- due Monday.  Last orders should be here tomorrow.
5.  Poetry title page due Friday.  Most are just about done.  We just learned Haikus and they will get a chance in class more to work on them.

We sometimes have Special Fridays based on behaviour goals.  Right now, the goal is that the whole class enters at 8:20, 10:20 and 12:50 SILENTLY!  They will be having a Pajama Day, along with the privilege of being able to chew gum only in our classroom. If possible, please send your child with a bit of gum and possibly some to share.  I will also provide for those that do not have any.  We will discuss some GUM Science and have an optional  bubble blowing contest.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Monday, Sept. 28

1.  current event article was supposed to be in today.  Please have it in tomorrow so we can begin some assignments. Thanks.  From newspaper, computer, etc..
2.  Spelling Unit 2 work due: Thursday AM.  Study for test friday.
3.  Paragraph following criteria we have been reviewing- due Thursday.
4.  STUDY MULTIPLICATION FACTS- kids have shown an improvement on their drills...thank you for continuing to study with your child!
5.  Extra Math group- sheet sent home today- due Friday.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Thursday, Sept. 24

1.  Pro.  D Day- no school for students. Teachers will be learning how in new and innovative ways.
2.  Spelling test mark- tell parents.
3.  Math more than, less than equal to quiz- out of 5- tell parents mark.
4.  Forms overdue- ASAP.
5.  Bring in one current even article of news- we will do some work with the article Monday. Make sure you bring one that you understand a little or a lot.  Don't bring one you do not understand!
6.  Feelings color sheet- due Monday.

 Great artwork we did today!!  On display in hallways.  Thank you so much to those that were able to donate spray paint.  Accepted anytime!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wednesday, Sept. 23

1.  Sorry...BLOG down last couple days. Thanks for referring to agenda!
2.  Lots of verification forms, photo forms, Quiznos forms and most importantly, my yellow homework information/ "contracts" to be signed and returned.  Thanks.
3.  SS Provinces and Capitals test today- please look at mark and sign and return if possible.  Most kids scored 14 out of 14; very good studying!!!
4.  Learned and reviewed more than, less than and equal to.  Also, we learned and reviewed Rounding/ Estimating.  They will get a little tiny quiz on more than/less than and equal to Thursday. 
5.  Spelling-Study Unit One words for test Thursday.
6.  If any household has spray paint which actually works/sprays and you are willing to donate it, we are doing some impressive nature multi media paintings.  All my personal spray paint is nearly gone and it would be great to get some more ASAP!  Thanks.

Parents who signed up for extra homework Math sheets will get them next week, not this week.  I will prepare them.
 Students are very tired this week as we immerse into full on academics.  There is an immense amount of listening and focusing required; please give thanks to your child for all their hard work in a day!  A special thanks to grade 4 students who have the toughest job of getting used to all this intermediate's hard!

Friday, 18 September 2015

Friday, Sept. 18

1.  Provinces/Capitals test- use the clues!  Test is Wednesday.
2.  Place Values and Reading Numbers tests today- show parents your marks.

The students should be very proud of themselves for all their work on the Terry Fox Run and fund raising.    Our class did it all by ourselves.  We also read our facts speeches aloud to the whole school at the Terry Fox assembly today.  Way to go, my class!
Have a great weekend.  I will send home a letter re: homework, etc. next week.   Weekends are mainly homework free unless students have overdue work.  Thanks

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Wednesday, Sept. 16

1.  T.Fox donations, Scholastic orders, all other forms-Due Friday.
2.  Place Values to billions plus Reading Numbers test- do the practice test tonight and bring back to school Thursday AM.
3.  STUDY Multiplication!  15 minutes nightly.
4.  Latter a A- handwriting- most finished in class- due Thursday AM
5.  Capitals and Provinces- show pre-test to parents...which does not count toward report card.  Study all hints and take real test next Wednesday!

Thanks for coming to the BBQ if you managed to get here.  I hope I was able to meet you.  If not, P/T interviews are not until October.  If you need to speak/meet with me before that, please e-mail me at

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Tuesday, Sept. 15

1.  BBQ- 5 to 7 tonight
2.  B-day poster- due Wed.
3.  3 Math sheets started in class-most finished- due Wed.
4.  Multiplication 2.5 minute drill- please show parents and get signed.  Finish if you did not finish.  Study for 10 to 15 min.
5.  Place Values and Reading Numbers quiz Friday- We have been practising in class- look over at home.
6.  T.Fox donations, other forms, Scholastic orders- ASAP.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Monday, Sept. 14

1.  Terry Fox donations.
2.  BBQ and other forms- due ASAP.
3.  School supply money- due ASAP.
4.  Scholastic orders- due Friday.
5.  5 sentences-due Tuesday-most or all students finished and have their books if you want to see their work before I do.
6.  Place Values Quiz- see helper sheet- study for Friday.
7.  STUDY MULTIPLICATION TABLES to ten!  Please try to study every night as much as possible on the computer or with cue cards or with mom or dad asking you aloud. 

My newsletter went home today. I should have given you this e-mail: if you have any questions or need to tell me something.

Friday, 11 September 2015

 Friday, September 11

1.  Thanks for the Terry Fox donations  so far!  Send any more in next week.  Your generosity is appreciated by the Terry Fox Foundation which supports Cancer Prevention and Research.  Our class is organizing the fund raising and run and have already done a super job educating and collecting from classes.  I am short on adults to stand at pylons or run the 1.2 km next Friday between 9:20 and 10:00.  Please mail me if you think you can help.
2.  Media consents/BBQ forms/School Supply money- due ASAP. 
3.  Scholastic orders- due next Friday.  Study Multiplication to 10 nightly.
4.  Please sign agendas nightly until November or December...when the majority of the class is consistently filling them our accurately.  The BLOG does not always work and I want students to be responsible, so students must fill out agenda anyways.
5.  Thanks for sending in a water bottle to stay on student's desk.
6.  Thanks for taking time to fill out a set of questions I sent home today; please return by Monday if possible.

Thanks for sending such great kids to my classroom!  Wow...I am lucky!  I look forward to seeing you at the BBQ.