Friday, 30 October 2015

Friday, Oct. 30

1.  Thank you for supporting the Food bank with any can or candy donations.

2.  Multiplication test Monday- single digit times 3 and 4 digit numbers, plus a few questions with decimals.  Study

3.  Remembrance Day couplet poem- try to work on Googledocs at home; if not, we will finish what we started on Monday.

4.  Current events group will present on Monday as we were too busy today.

5.  Extra Math group- 3 pages due Friday.

Thank you to all moms and dads for sending in all the awesome veges, fruit, chips and baked!  The kids were very good about not throwing any out, and we have some leftovers for Monday.  I lectured them about bringing home the containers, and some will come home Monday!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Thursday, Oct. 29

1.  Math multiplication drills- pls sign and rtrn.  There are about 8 students who are still not scoring 25 or more out of 30 during the 2.5 minute drill.  This makes difficult multiplication and the upcoming division WAY harder for them, and they will tend to slip further behind in Math.  There is nothing you can do more for your child's self esteem in Math than help them learn their times tables. We practise at school and there is a group that leaves for times tables practice twice per week.  But, the best way is for kids to be asked aloud at home repetitively.  Thank you for continuing to practise!!!

2.  Cans and candy for food Bank- optional- thanks!

3.  Coloring contest of Frankie- due Friday by 8:30 AM.

4.  Multiplication test- single digit by 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers, including some decimals.  Monday- study.  Page 75 for gr. 5 and page 133 for grade 5s due Friday AM-lots of time given in class today.

5.  Snacks for Halloween party- pls send in by 10:00.  We will eat leftovers Monday.  Thanks for your support.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wednesday, Oct. 28

1.  4 page Math booklet/3 pages for Math group- due Friday.

2.  Cans and Candy- ASAP- candy may come after Halloween of course!  Thanks for your support to the Food Bank.

3.  Scholastic Orders- due Monday.

4.  Legion art contest- I need forms soon so we can glue to back of art.  Send by Monday signed pls.

Halloween Party- after recess-pls send snacks if you are able to, in AM and we will place on back table.  Costumes, pajamas or orange and black wear are optional.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tuesday, Oct. 27

1.  Remembrance day Poster contest form signed by parent- due ASAP.
2.  Science- take duotang home and begin to memorize names of bones and muscles.  Test will be next week and we will study in class and do another lab and watch another video first.
3.  Cans and candy- for food Bank- optional.  Any Food accepted.  Candy may come in after Halloween!
4.  Math- gr. 4 -pg 131             gr. 5, pg 71                    due Wednesday AM.

5.  Spelling- due Wednesday.  Test Friday.  Paragraph- due Thursday,  but we will read them aloud Wednesday.

6.  Scholastic- due Monday.

7.  Poetry project-  4 or 6 Haikus completely done, Alliteration with pics/color done, Limerick- nearly done.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Monday, Oct. 26

1.  Overdue Green cue cards for French.
2.  Spelling unit 6 plus corrections from unit 1 to 5- due wednesday.
3.  Paragraph on Halloween safety/history-due Thursday.
4.  Toilet paper roll or 2 if possible. full one for mummy game.
5.  Scholastic orders- due Monday.
6.  Cans (or other food like pasta) to optionally donate to our class for Food Bank.  After Halloween, we are also asking kids to bring 5 or more chocolates or candy from their bag if possible to donate for kids at Food Bank as well. Thanks!
7.  Halloween games and snacks this Friday- please send in snacks before 10:00, as we will begin after recess.   Any leftovers will be saved for Monday.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Thursday, Oct. 22

1.  Some students did not hand in their green French cue card study sheets which are for 10 marks.  Please get these in by Monday.

2.  Alliteration pictures and color- can work on if time over 3 day break.  Same with Remembrance Day Posters=optional.

3.  French tests plus Math tests- bring home if I have handed back to you and get signed/bring back if possible.

4.  Halloween Party on Friday, Oct. 30- between recess and lunch.  Please ask about the snack or drink you signed up for and confirm Monday.  Please bring 1 or 2 toilet paper rolls if you can for our MUMMY game. Wear costume (prizes) or jammies or regular clothes.  If costume, please avoid weapons or anything which prevents you from doing work at other times of the day.
Also, we are doing CANS and CANDY for more needy kids- Please send in 1 or 2 cans(or pasta, etc.) of food if you are able to in next 2 weeks.
 If you send in a can of food (soup, chilli, tomato sauce, etc.), then we can have soup can races for Science and maybe graph the data/Math before I take to the Food Bank Kids are encouraged to choose 5 or more pieces of candy to bring in and we will send a bag of treats with our food to the Food Bank.  I have worked at the Food Bank and although healthy foods are best to donate, people also enjoy getting treats once in a while.  Thank you and all is optional; you may opt out of any fund raising/charity we do...of course.

Thanks for reading the BLOG and I appreciate being able to meet with parents the last couple days.  If you did not come meet, please feel free to mail me and ask questions or set up an appt..

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Wednesday, Oct. 21

1.  French quiz Thursday- we all studied with cue cards in class today. Bring home duotang to look over.  Try to remember that a lot of your mark in French is for your oral participation, but quizzes and tests count as well.  Spelling French words correctly does not count on tests, but it is a good idea to try to spell correctly.
2.  Math test # 2 - adding and subtracting decimals- Thursday.  Try to reinforce that numbers that seem like they do not have decimals really have the decimal at the end:

25   is really 25.0

3.  Remembrance Day Poster Contest- working on it at home is optional right now.

4.   Alliterations-try to have these "fixed" and ready for pictures by Thursday.

Some students have been very loud, screaming in the hallways during class time, whether they are going to the bathroom or finished work and heading out for a lap or 2.  Yesterday, I had to tell the whole class that there was no more running for the day.
 We will continue to do our laps as usual but there may be a couple kids who are not permitted for a few days.  We need to respect other classes who are trying to work, especially if I allow students to get up and do laps throughout the day.  Thanks for reinforcing this with your kids.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Monday and tuesday, Oct. 19 and 20

1.  Wed. and Thurs.-school out at 12:30 both days.  Friday is a Pro. D.

2.  Alliterations should be typed, correcting any mistakes.  If you did not finish in the Lab, you need to try to finish on Googledocs at home or go to Lab at lunch or free time.

3.  Math second adding/subtracting with decimals test- Thursday-study.
4.  French- Numbers 1 to 10, body parts, colors- Thursday- Study at school Wednesday at home! 
5.  Extra Math group- Pro D  friday- work due Monday.
6.  Remembrance Day art- optional at home.  BRING back to school.
7. Current Events kids- due Thursday.
8.  Spelling test- May or may not be a test Thursday- study and prepare.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Friday, Oct. 16

1.  Overdue Haikus- 4 or 6, drawn and colored as well.
2.  French Quiz on numbers 1 to 10, body parts and colors- Thursday- study a bit at home.  All students were supposed to bring French duotangs home this weekend to look over.
3.  Math- pg 60 or 78-please try to get evens only done if you did not finish in class this afternoon. This would be a total of 8 to 10 questions and hopefully, you finished some in class.

Remember parent teacher interviews are coming up this week. Pls see board by office for a spot if you would like to meet.

Thanks for all the awesome healthy variety of fruit and vegetables; the kids were really well behaved and they shared and cooperated.  Thanks for your support to send food in.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Thursday, Oct. 15

1.  Study multiplication for accuracy AND speed.  Thanks...scores are improving a ton!
2.  Study for Spelling test.
3.  French test on numbers 1 to 10, body parts and colors-next thursday AM.
4.  Extra Math group- due Friday
5.  Special Friday- Fruits and Vegetables and maybe a movie.
6.  Students should have all 4 or 6 Haikus typed, drawn and colored, plus they should have handed in their typed first drafts of Alliterations and Limericks.

A couple notes:

1.  I have3 or 4 students each morning telling me at 8:25 that they cannot run.  Or sometimes, even walk.  I am fine with kids running or walking in the AM, as long as we are getting exercise and pumped for the day.  But I would really appreciate a note from a doctor or parent if students are going to be permitted to sit (and do a worksheet now). Agenda note or e-mail is fine; I do not need a long explanation.   If this is the case, Mrs. Oryschak will not be able to allow them to participate in Gym class either.

2.  I have had a few requests for retests.  I cannot give retests any more; it takes up too much time away from the group of 29 students and regular duties of marking and prepping. It takes considerable time to make  new tests, administer new tests, find a place for students to take a new test, mark new tests and review new tests. I sincerely hope you understand.  If I get time during silent reading, I try to call students up who have not scored well on a test and review with them and then offer them a few questions to show me they now understand the concept.  This understanding is noted in my mark book.  If they still do not understand, then I try to send practice questions home or see if our highly in demand support worker can come work with a student one to one.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Wednesday, Oct. 14

1.  Paragraph-due Tuesday,  Parents, you may be too busy, but if you get a chance, pls remember that you can edit paragraphs for spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Not for their ideas.  The students must remember to actually change your recommendations, not just leave your editing as it is.  Thanks.
2.  Spelling test friday.  Study the sheet.
3.  French- body parts and numbers one to ten test next Thursday.  All vocabulary is in their French duotangs and we will practise more in class.
4.  Continents and Math tests home today.  Please look and sign if time.
5.  Current events people-due Friday
6.  Extra Math group- due Friday or Monday.
7.  Special Friday- Fruits and Vegetables to bring in if possible to share with your group.  Movie.  Students earn Special Friday by trying to use class time efficiently, and being silent when expected for work periods.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Tuesday, Oct. 13

1.  Parent teacher interviews are Oct. 21/22.  If you have met with me already, you could always sign up for a mtg at a later date. 
There are still 4 or 5 openings.  Mtgs are 14 minutes and then transition time for the next mtg.  Thanks for respecting this so the next parent does not get less time.  If you require more time or cannot make a time on Oct. 21/22, then pls e-mail me and we will fix you up with a mtg at a later date.
2.  Photo day is Thursday.
3.  Spelling assignment-due Wednesday if possible.
4.  Spelling test- Friday
5.  Paragraph about weekend- due Thursday.
6.  SS Quiz mark out of 10 and 7.  Math quiz mark out of 5 and 5.  Pls tell parents until I check and send tests home.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Friday, Oct. 9

1.  Continents and Math test-bring home books to study- tests are Tuesday.
2.  Haikus and Alliterations- optional to work on at home, but keep in mind that Haikus should be checked by teacher, printed out and pictures/color are complete or almost complete.  This is a long term project so you need to manage your time!

Have a great long weekend!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Thursday, Oct. 8

1.  Current events next week- due Wed.- Lucas B, Nayte, Xander, Hanna, Priya, Ryder. 
2.  Spelling due Friday. Test Friday. 
3.  Special Friday- Board games- bring if possible.
4.  Continents and other info. test Tuesday- study.
5.  Adding and subtracting with decimals- test Tuesday.
6.  Extra Math group sheets- due Friday.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Wednesday, Oct. 7

1.  Special Friday if lunch behaviour improves- Board Games afternoon.
2.  Parent Teacher interviews-sign up outside office- if time does not work for you, please email me and we will set a mtg up earlier or later than Oct. 21 and 22.
3.  Continents plus other info. test- studied today as a class.  Test is Tuesday.
4.  Grammar tests-home and signed and returned if possible.  Great scores!
5.  Math pg 63 for gr. 4, pg. 53 for gr. 5- most finished but some have homework-due Thursday if possible; otherwise Friday.
6.  Addition and Subtraction test- larger digits and with decimals(line them up!) Test is Tuesday.

Please note that a few kids are chronically losing or not handing in assignments.  I will begin informing parents by way of a little note attached to agenda. So far, most students have everything in, but that is with many reminders from me.
 After I remind and I staple a note in agenda, I am going to stop asking, as it is taking up too much teaching and learning time.  Thanks for your support.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Tuesday, Oct. 6

1.  Grammar tests will go home soon, after to check over and record.
2.  Continents quiz- Monday-I'll give students time to study with a group in class.  Studying at home usually helps improve their score.
3.  Spelling assignments- due Wednesday or Thursday.  Test Friday.
4.  Math times tables- STUDY!!!  Rounding test home today for you to sign and return if possible.

Please note: Average homework time is about 20-25 study multiplication, study for a quiz or finish 5 to 15 minutes of an assignment. I am asking kids to raise hands at the end of the day, as well as observe their duotangs and work completed, in order to ascertain how much to assign. If your child has a whole lot more than that, you may need to e-mail me so we can discuss things.
Also, parent teacher interviews are on Oct. 21 and 22 and sign ups are outside the office. If you cannot make one of those times, you can mail me at and we will set up something before or after those dates.  If I have already met with you, you may want to wait until you feel you need another mtg and then get hold of me.
Lastly, the secretary would like all parents to phone the office if you know your child be be absent.  This helps us with our Computer attendance and the safety of the kids.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Monday, Oct. 5

1.  SS Continents Map-colored- due tuesday AM.
2.  Grammar test on nouns, pronouns and verbs-Tuesday-take duotang home to study. I gave examples of test questions on board today.
3.  Spelling assignments are due Wed. this week.  Test is still Friday.
4.  Some Turkey Paragraphs were entered into the Newspaper contest -kids know who they are and are supposed to have told you that their name and phone number was entered to win a turkey.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Friday, Oct. 2

1.  Current events article-only for the 5 chosen.
2.  French Body Parts project- due monday AM- lots of time given in class.
3.  SS Continents map- colored-due Tuesday- most finished.
4.  Grammar test on nouns, pronouns and verbs- Tuesday- study duotang.
5.  Scholastic orders- last day Monday...thanks.

Kids had fun with gum and PJs.  Thanks.  Any positive or negative feedback through e-mail is appreciated about Special Fridays. If students win a prize(ie- largest bubble!), they can usually choose treats OR non treats(books, highlighters, stickers, marbles, toothbrushes, etc..).  I trust them when they say their parents will allow them to take that treat.  If there are issues, please get hold of me ASAP.  Thanks!
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Thursday, Oct. 1

1.  Pajama Day and gum day in our class.  Optional to wear PJs and bring gum.  I'll give gum to those that do not bring any, if parents allow.  I'll ask and trust.
2.  Scholastic orders-due Monday.
3.  Spelling test- Friday.
4.  STUDY multiplication facts!  Most kids are at 25 or more out of 30 for 2.5 minute drill.  Some are still at 12 and 15, which is OK; but it would be easier for them when we start multiplying double digits if they knew singles fast and accurately.
5.  Extra Math sheet group- your Rounding sheet is due tomorrow.
6. French Body Parts sheet-follow criteria given!  Most are finished or have 5 minutes left.  They are due Monday. Some time given Friday.
7.  Math test out of 15, out of 6 and out of 6. Please ask what your child scored.  I always need to check tests and record marks before they go home.