Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Mon. /Tues. March 30/31

1.  Sorry...BLOG not working yesterday.
2.  Lots of great artwork home today...pls ask about it.
3.  Paragraph-due thursday.
4.  Spelling- was due today.  Test Thursday.
5.  2 Math sheets- due Wednesday.  Use as study sheets for Math quiz on any computations with decimals.  Quiz Wednesday.
6.  Behaviour story- important to have a creative ending and follow criteria sheet.  First draft- due Thursday.
7.  April 7- First Nations Day- please ask your child what I talked about.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Wednesday, March 11

1.  3 Page review Math sheets- due Thursday- most students done in class and have handed in.
2.  Measurement quiz- Thursday- mm, cm, m, km
3.  paragraph- due Thurs.-try to edit.
4.  Interviewee small "gift"-Friday
5.  Behaviour story idea for ending- maybe your family has some creative ideas to share!  Tell them what your story is about so far...what is the lesson to be learned?
6.  Send bag for clothes, boots, art, work to go home Friday.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Monday, March 9

1.  French test- study cue card-test Tuesday.
2.  Paragraph on Term 2 progress, likes and dislikes- due Thursday.
3.  Spelling- Unit 15- due Tuesday.
4.  Doodles art- due Tuesday.
5.  Special Friday- Present interviews in a speech and give your interviewee something- could be a poem you wrote, a gently used book, a gently used stuffie, cookies, chocolate, etc..  Please do not spend more than $1.00.  We will also be doing some class cleaning, so please make sure student has a bag to carry extra desk and locker things home.  Thanks.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Friday, March 7

1.  Students skipped today for half hour skipathon.  If any more students have empty or full envelopes, they are supposed to bring them back to school ASAP for Mrs. Baerg.
2.  Bridges were taken home today.  Good luck to beat Mrs. Abraham's bridge!  10 AM start until 2ish.  I believe younger kids compete first, but I am not sure.  TRU Trades and Tech Building...down from Walmart before you turn in to go to TCC. Turn left (West).
3.  French exam-60 points- study cue card for Tuesday.  We review these words most every third day at school orally.  But extra practice to look at the words at home will help and demonstrate good discipline for studying for any test. Thanks.
4.  Novel Study Brown Paper Bag Projects were presented today; thanks for all the students' hard work.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Thursday, March 5

1.  Provinces and Capitals review test-Friday.
2.  Interview paragraph- first draft- try to get done for Friday computer class.
3.  French test- Tuesday- study cue cards we made in class.
4.  Heart and stroke skipping Friday for 30 min. in the gym.  Bring envelopes back, money or no money!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wednesday, March 4

1.  Heart and Stroke envelopes- returned with collections or not by this Friday.
2.  Provinces and Capitals monthly review test- Friday- study.
3.  French exam- 60 points- Tuesday- study cue cards we made in class. Students have had plenty of time to finish cards and even study in class.
4.  Bridges- try to take home Thursday night.  Make sure you have pushed glue into all open cracks to strengthen structure.  My bridge is drying at home!
5.  Paragraph on Water Conservation- due Thursday.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Tuesday, March 3

1.  Bridges- We have 15 students set to show up at TRU Trades and Tech Building this Saturday at 10 AM.  I think they get started a little bit after that and I think they start with Elementary Category.  But I am not positive.  Students have been staying in at lunch and using all the time I can afford them to work on their bridges.  All information is now the organizers, so if you have to cancel, please tell me so I can inform them.

2.  French Review test- this is a big one!    We practice twice a week and the students categorized our vocabulary words we have learned so far. They have been making bright orange cue cards at school and most have finished, ready to study them for the test on Tuesday.

3.  Paragraph on Water Conservation- due Thursday.  Students are expected to be checking spelling, punctuation and grammar after they have finished at school... or they can check at home.

4.  Provinces/Capitals Review test- Student shave one per month- study for Friday's review test.  They will get time on Thursday AM to make a cue card for it and study with a peer for 15 minutes.

5.  I am writing report cards in the next 2 weeks; whether students were on holidays or sick, I require whatever adapted work I asked for by this Monday, March 9.  Thank you.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Monday, Feb. 23

1.  Bridge white permission form if your child is attending Saturday from 10:30 until about 2ish at TRU.  Form due Tuesday.  5 pages of info. was sent out.
2.  Special Friday- Novel Study presentations.
3.  Decimal AM worksheet- due Tuesday.
4.  Paragraph on Water Conservation- due Thursday.
5.  Math test- signed and rtrnd Tuesday if possible.  Some Science Rock tests went home- return for test  duotangs. Some have not been sent home yet.

I hope this BLOG is sent out as it has not been working lately.  That is why the students are always responsible to write the same thing in their agendas for you to read.  Thanks!