Friday, 19 December 2014

Friday, Dec. 16

I hope your kids have enjoyed the Christmas activities at school and I hope they remember to bring home their art gifts and poetry books for you.     Enjoy your holidays!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Thursday, Dec. 18

1.  Kids had fun with Math contests, Christmas trivia groups, Holiday song commercials and Secret Santa gifts.  Thanks to parents who were able to send in snacks; the kids enjoyed them!
2.  Burn Posters for contest entry in January.  Most have handed in but we are missing 6; try to finish tonight or over the holidays.
3.  Wear Pajamas for Friday if you like.
4.  Bring a snack for yourself for the movie of you nuts please as we are watching with Mrs. Cavani's class.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Tuesday, Dec. 16

1.  Report envelopes back.
2.  Mystery House test, Science test, etc.- pls sign if time and return.
3.  Treats/snacks for Thursday- send if you can...thanks!
4.  Secret Santa gift- pls send in ASAP.
5.  Pajama/movie day Friday.  Also, pls send extra bag so students can clean locker out Thursday or Friday.  Thanks.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Monday, Dec. 15-ten days until Christmas...yikes!

1.  Science test on Bones/Blood/Respiratory System- study cue card and duotang 4 worksheets-tests Tuesday.
2.  Secret Santa gift- please label receiver's name and send ASAP fro Thursday's party.  I know many of you already sent cookies; if you are able to send in any treat for Thursday, please do.  If not, I am sure they will live.
3.  Short story re: Christmas tree- please try to get edited by parent for spelling, punctuation.  We will also be peer editing Tuesday AM, then reading aloud.
4.  Report card envelopes- send in- any questions- please call!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Friday, Dec. 12

1.  Skating was great!  Thanks to all parents who drove and/or helped on the ice!
2.  Poetry reading and hot chocolates and cookies were awesome....a nice celebration of 2 months of Poetry Unit.  Lots of cookies left for Monday.  Poetry collections will be a gift to be sent home next week.  You may want to photocopy for a present for grandparents.  I copied for whichever students asked me.
3.  Science test on blood, bones and Respiratory the 4 sheets in your duotang and study your cue card.   Test is Tuesday.

4.  All kids were supposed to put some of their art along with their report cards in their bags; hopefully, reports get home!  Call if questions...thanks.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Thursday, Dec. 11

1.  Remember skates, helmet, clothing, etc. for skating; we will be leaving around 9:50/9:55.  We skate at 10:30 until 11:30.  If parents are not staying, please come back to Mac Park at 11:35/11:40 to get the students you drove there.  Thanks very much to all drivers!  Skate if you like.  Hockey will also be set up and I will send some extra sticks.  Kids can take turns.
2.  Science test on Bones, Blood and Respiratory System- study your cue cards for Tuesday’s test.
3.  Provincial poster- Govt. duties- due Friday.
4.  Send cookies if possible; I'll provide hot chocolate and marshmallows.  Thank you for your donations!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Wednesday, Dec. 10

1.  You should be seeing some Math tests on difficult multiplication come home.  Please try to sign and send back.  If students have difficulty with tests, a support worker or myself works one to one to try to help them understand for the next test.

2.  Report cards will go home Friday; term 1 marks ended last Monday.  Please call if you have questions.

3.  Bones/Blood and Respiratory system- test cancelled until next tuesday as painting took too much time and did not get to study.  We will  study more in class tomorrow.

4.  Provincial duties of Government- due Friday- most students done in class.

5.  Skates/Helmet should be ready for Friday.  I sent driver info. home already. 

6.  Thanks for all the food and money donations!  If any more, pls send Thursday or Friday.  Thank you!!

7.  Spelling quiz- study for Thursday's quiz.

8.  Cookies and a mug- pls send in Thursday or Friday.  Cookies are optional of course. 

Friday, 5 December 2014

Thursday, Dec. 4

1.  Food or money donation for charity Christmas baskets-OPTIONAL.
2.  Provinces/Capitals test #2- MOnday- review at home.
3.  Mystery House novel test- Tuesday.  Bring home cue cards that we made in class re: characters, settings, plot, mood, theme, etc.. Study your novel and the cue cards some more.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Wednesday, Dec. 3

1.  Food donation if possible.
2.  $1.00/$2.00 or more donation for a second turkey certificate- OPTIONAL.
3.  Animal adaptations- 2 worksheets- due Thursday.  Most students finished in class.
4.  Multiplication test #2- Grade 4s will try the double digit times double digit since they have been working on these questions in class and one to one in hall with support worker.  Test is tomorrow.
5.  No spelling test this week.
6.  Provinces/capitals test #2- same test- study for Monday.
7.  Paragraph on giving/ receiving- due Thursday to read aloud to class. Check for clarity.
8. 12:30 dismissal Thursday.
9.  No school for Friday for kids.  Yahoo for kids.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Monday, Dec. 1

1.  We are having difficulty with all sharpeners in our classroom.  There are 2 expensive electric ones broken, along with a manual which keeps breaking!!  Not sure what is up, but it is apparent that if a student can have a "back up" personal little sharpener or 2 at their desks, please send one!!!  That way, work is done quicker.
2.  Skate forms- due ASAP.
3.  Poetry collections- due Tuesday AM.
4.  Paragraphs- giving and receiving at holiday time- due Thursday. Please try to help edit if possible.
5.  Math multiplication quizzes- Tuesday and Thursday.  Grade 5s should know how to double digit multiply by a double digit.  Grade 4s should know how to multiply a double digit or triple digit by a single digit.
6.  Thursday- school is out at 1:30 for p/t meetings.  I have only requested a few meetings, but if you need one, please phone.
7.  Pro- D Friday- no school for kids but teachers will be in the building learning.