Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Tuesday, June 23

1.  The students have still be working hard to do some review work.  They seemed to have had fun on their Wildlife Park Trip and their T.C.C. swim trip today.  Thank you very much to those parents that took time out of their day to drive students to these filed trips.  It is much appreciated by me and the students.

2.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, we will walk over to the McGowan Water Park at 12:50.  Please make sure kids have sunscreen, hats, towels, etc..  If anyone wants to send a treat for the class, please do.  Otherwise, pls just make sure they have lunch and snacks to eat at the school and over there.

3.  The year end assembly is at 10:30.  It mainly involves goodbyes to the grade 7 students and some staff.  Also, there is a slide show.

Assembly is done and kids are dismissed by 12:00.  Report cards will be given then.

Thank you for the opportunity to have taught your child!  Some grade 4 students will be placed in this classroom again...just FYI!

I hope you have a really great relaxing summer!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Monday, June 15

1.  Last apostrophe test- Wednesday.
2.  Math 2 sheets- due Tuesday.  Most handed in already.
3.  Wildlife Park filed trip sheets- reminder sheet to parents of Thursday's schedule. Drivers pls be at the school at 11:05 to leave at 11:10.  Students will just be coming from Gym so we cannot leave earlier, so don't come early.  Thanks!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wednesday, June 10

1.  Library Books due ASAP- can't win library draw prizes each day if you are on overdue list.
2.  French tests- home tomorrow after Mrs. A looks them over since we marked as a class.
3.  SS Country project- hopefully they will all be in by Friday afternoon.  I have to write report cards, so if they are late for any reason, please write your child a super good excuse note!

Kids are still working very hard each day...better to have structure and routine. But today, they enjoyed an awesome Dance Lesson..ask them about it.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tuesday, June 9

1.  Library books are all due back to Library now for good.
2.  Behaviour problem solving skits- bring props and perform Wednesday.
3.  SS Country oral presentations- students have signed up for a date. 
4.  3 Review Math sheets- due Wednesday AM. Most finished in class.
5.  Show parents mark on SS test/Spelling test and also, apostrophe pre-test.  Test Friday.
6.  Study for French Foods test Wednesday.  Already studied form cue card lots in class but can still review at home.

Friday, 5 June 2015

 Friday, June 5

1.  Short of hitting the streets of Paris, I think the students had a fun French Food Day and skit presentations.  I think Mrs. Abraham needs to have a nap now.  Thanks for your generous food that was sent in...they ate 5 courses all day!
2.  SS Country- Students  have been told they should be finishing up their 4 to 6 or more paragraphs (choice on criteria sheet).  They should also be compiling pictures, maybe writing a poem, etc..  Some started pasting their project together today on poster paper.  Due:  June 10 to 12.  Thank you for helping look over their writing for Sp., Punct., etc.. as they have been told that for this project, I only tell them if they ask me a specific question.  The mark they get will be for whatever/however it  is handed in without me editing 2 to 3 times.
3.  Morning worksheets- due Monday.  Most finished.
4.  SS Provinces test- Spelling counts- Tuesday.
5.  French Food vocab. -test Wednesday.
6.  Second angles test will be sent home Monday-you can ask your child what they scored out of 15.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Thursday, June 4

1.  Thanks for sending French Food by 11 AM.
2.  French skits- try to memorize. Props for your group, as organized with them?
3.  SS Country---Go, go, go!
4.  Provinces/Capitals test plus Spelling counts this time- Tuesday.
5.  French food test- Wednesday.
6.  Math Angles Measurement quiz- home to show parent(s).

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Wednesday, June 3

1.  Keep memorizing French skit lines for Friday’s performances.
2.  Reminder for people sending food Friday to please send it by 11 AM.
3.  SS Country- I checked and most students are on schedule.  I am pointing out some spelling errors, punctuation errors, etc.. But the students know that they need to ask me if they are unsure because whatever they hand in on their poster is their final mark.
4.  AM graph sheet- due Thurs.
5.  Provinces/Capitals test with spelling- Tuesday.
6.  French Foods test- Wednesday.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tuesday, june 2

1.  Keep memorizing French skits at home in prep. for restaurant drama presentations for French food day friday.
2.  Autobiography to add to Childrens Story- first draft- due Thursday.
3.  French Food test- next Wednesday, not tomorrow.  We made cue cards today so students can use to study at home.
4.  SS- Provinces and Capitals test- SPELLING counts this time.  We made cue cards at school. Study for Tuesday's test.
5.  SS- Country project- Should have notes almost all done and 3 paragraphs typed by this Thursday.  I will be checking, so those students that have been leaving project at home must bring me something to see please.  students have been reminded each day to go to the computer room if they need more computer time, as well as to log into Googledocs with password given in agenda to access Worldbook Online.  Whole project on Poster paper due June 10-12.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Monday, June 1

1.  Reminder about french Food Day this Friday.  If you are sending food, please send by 11 AM.  Thanks.
2.  Provinces/Capitals- last of this test for year, but SPELLING counts.  Test is next Tuesday.
3.  French skit-if not meorized yet, spend some time at home to try.  Skits Friday and Monday.
4.  French Foods test- next Thursday.
5.  Autobiographies- first draft due Thursday so we can type.
6.  Children's Stories are overdue now.