Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tuesday, Sept. 30

1.  Terry Fox Donations- thanks.
2.  Scholastic orders due: Friday.
3.  Grammar sheet- nouns- overdue now- most kids finished in class.
4.  Continents review sheet colored- overdue now- most kids finished in class.
5.  If kids do not finish assignment in class, it may be homework.  If he or she does not get the homework done, I ask that he or she try to get to library at 12:15 to complete it so he or she can get a better latter grade on report cards.  I try to check homework as I check agendas and we make a small list of reminders about assignment completion in the AM.
6.  Study multiplication tables to 10 daily for 10-15 minutes with your child if possible.  There are also some free sites on Internet whereby your child could practise as well.
7.  Poetry- Haikus- first draft due Thursday- most finished in class.
8.  Math- adding with regrouping review quiz- Wednesday. We look over in class and sometimes make cue cards to study. 
9.  A little studying at home for tests is expected  for all subjects, but at this grade, I try to teach them how to study and help them in class to do this. 
10.  OCT. 9- 9 AM to 2:30 PM- Salmon Run Field trip- forms will go home soon.  Sorry parents cannot fit on the bus, but are welcome to meet us there!

Friday, 26 September 2014

Thursday, Sept. 25

1.  Multiplication practice- 10-15 minutes per night.   Even the grade 5s still need lots or review at home as their quiz scores indicate they are somewhat "rusty".  Grade 4s may have memorized their multiplication tables a little or a lot last year.  It is very important that they begin to try to get those memorized.   It is the main homework any of my students will ever have.  We study at school aloud but they need the extra practice at home. Thanks!

2.  My students are organizing the Terry Fox Run and have been doing a great job of collecting money each morning from classes.  Please send in a donation if you are able to; our school goal is $1000.00.  We are running next Friday, Oct. 3 at 9:20 AM from our Gym.  Feel free to join us for this short but meaningful run.

Friday, Sept. 26

1.  Thank you for signing agenda each night for about a month.  I will try not to ask for much more signed other than certain tests.
2.  Verification forms are coming home today; please look, sign and send back for offfice.
3.  Spelling Review words- need to have 20 done; most kids finished in class.
4.  Oct. 15/16th- 12:30 on...sign up closer to the date.
5.  I'll send home a newsletter/daily schedule as soon as the school works out Computer, Gym and Library times.  If you have any questions until then, please call or mail me. 
6.  Scholastic orders are due next Friday, Oct. 3.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Tuesday, Sept. 23

1.  It's great to have your child in my class! 

2.  I do not get the BLOG done every day.  Students need to be responsible to write out agenda accurately each day and get it signed by a parent.  That way, they can be responsible to take home the books they need.  Sometimes the server is down or I am in meetings and do not get a chance to write the BLOG.  Thanks for your understanding!

3.  I work every day now and will be taking Mrs. Kossey's name off the BLOG soon.

4.  If you feel like sending Kleenex boxes, please do.

5.  Please send your child with gym strip and runners each day.  My class does run/do exercises every morning of the year outside or in the gym for about 15 minutes.  Please send a one line note if your child cannot participate for some reason.  If he or she cannot run in AM, he or she will usually not participate in Gym either.

6.  E-mail me at sabraham@sd73.bc.ca or phone the school if you need to talk, get something clarified, etc..  Students work super hard each day and are fairly tired at end of day.  The main reason they would get homework is if they are off-task or did not ask for help if required.  I have 29 students and try to get around the room a gazillion times but sometimes, I still miss kids that need help.  They may also have to study for a test. Whatever the reason, let's work together to make sure they like coming to school and do not have an overwhelming amount of homework.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Monday, Sept. 22, 2014

Welcome back!  It will be so nice to see your children today!  I wish I could keep them for the whole year.  However, most will be moving on to a new teacher.  We are not sure of anything yet, so keep tuned and your child should figure out what class they will be assigned to on Tuesday, Sept. 23.  This is only temporary for some students as there is always movement in September.  I wish you all peace at home as the new school year starts.