Monday, 30 May 2016

Monday, May 30

1.  Spelling Unit- Aboriginal words- due Thursday.
2.  French skits- will perform Friday so continue to memorize.
3.  French Tests, Solids Tests and Whole Year Review Math Tests- signed and returned pls. ASAP.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Thursday, may 26

1. Jammies= wear.
2. Pizza orders.
3.  French and math tests are Friday- study.  Sorry Math test delayed by a day.
4.  Aboriginal questions- due Monday.
5.  Hand in the handwriting you managed to finish Friday.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wednesday, May 25

1.  Field trip forms. money, plus french Food day indicator= due ASAP- 4 left to send in. Thanks.
2.  French props, plus French test on foods Friday.  Study 2 study sheets.
3.  Math quiz on solids- 210 in textbook for grade 5s, grade 4s were supposed to write the words in their agendas.   Study!  Also, angles will be on this one (third try for some to Master).

Since kids had Monday off, no special Friday other than they can wear jammies and we may play kickball if they work fast and hard to get a period ahead.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Tuesday, May 24

1.  Field trip forms, 20 dollars, French food indication sheet- due ASAP, hopefully not later than Friday or please write in agenda.

2.  French Food test- Friday -study sheets given today and worked on.
3.  Spelling Unit 25- due Wednesday.
4.  Math quiz- Thursday- on solids terminology- page 210 in grade 5 textbook.  Kids shared.
5.  French props- ASAP>

Friday, 20 May 2016

Friday, May 20

1.  Field trip forms plus the $20.00; please send ASAP. Thanks.
2.  French Food Luncheon indicator by parents-please bring in ASAP.
3.  Today's worksheets- Math- bonus for any extra finished on weekend.  Otherwise, whatever was finished was taken by me to be marked.  Lots of computer time and a DVD with our little grade 1/2 buddies= a more relaxed day while many were at the Track Meet.
4.  French skit- bring props.
5.  No school Monday!!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Thursday, May 20

1.  Track and field students will meet in the gym at 8 AM to organize rides and get your stickers.  Without a sticker, you cannot compete.  Don't forget your water and behaviour!  Good luck and do your best.  Try not to stop at all in a running race!

2.  If you are not going to the track meet, you will be back in class with  some students from other classes and I.  We will be doing some review Math and English work, Art  and possibly watching a video.

3.  Underground To Canada tests- After i look over, students will get back.  They generally know what they scored so yolu can ask them.

 Thank you to all parents who generously sent in cookies.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed sampling the different types!  They did an awesome job reading and asking questions to their little buddies.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Wednesday, May 18

1.  Photo day tomorrow.
2.  Underground to Canada Novel test -Thursday- study.
3.  Bring cookies if possible for our reading.
4.  Spelling Unit 24 plus corrections for all units- due Thursday.
5.  French- show French Food luncheon sheet to parents and bring indication back ASAP.
6.  Field trip form- all on one- everyone needs to get this signed. A few people have already brought the $20.00 fee.  Please send form and fee as soon as possible. If there is any difficulty paying the fee, please let me know and Mrs. Wickes said she can arrange something.  Also, I will be sending payment to the places we will go for field trips.  It is sometimes "iffy" to get money back, as they give us group rates.  Therefore, I can try to get your money back if your child is absent from a field trip, but I cannot promise.  I am sorry!  Thanks.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tuesday, May 17

1.  Underground to Canada test- study assignments 1 to 19 and you will do well.
2.  We will read our Behaviour Stories that we have worked hard to write and illustrate  on Thursday.  We will read to 2 classes of little buddies. If you are able to send in cookies, packaged or made, please do as it makes it a little more of a celebration for the kids.  If not, no problem at all.
3.  Bring French skit props ASAP and try to memorize your few lines.
4.  Unit 24 Spelling due Thursday, as well as as ALL corrections form every unit!

Official field trip forms will be sent out soon as well as indication of who is driving.  Some people have sent the $20.00 and I’ve marked you off, but please try to wait until I give you the official forms... because it's wing night at Original Joes Wednesdays and I might be tempted to spend it before it's due to the office!  Haha. Thanks!

Friday, 13 May 2016

Friday, May 13

1.  Childrens Behaviour Story- finish all illustrations and autobiography by Tuesday.  Kids have been given lots of class time.  The only reason they should have much homework is if they have been absent.
2.  French skit- work on memorizing and bring props discussed by group.
3.  Underground to Canada last test- study Chapters 1 to 19 assignments and you will do very well. Test is Thursday.

Happy Friday the 13th.  Most students ran 13 laps this AM for good luck!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Thursday, May 12

1.  Scholastic orders dueFriday.
2.  French-bring props for skit
3.  Math angles and polygons test Friday- study sheets given this week and study textbook pages.
4.  Autobiography- try to have it illustrated and done by Friday, latest Tuesday.
 5.  Children's story- all completely done by Tuesday; we will try to meet with our little buddies on Thursday, May 19th to read them our stories and have a treat!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Wednesday, May 11

1.  Field trip forms- Due ASAP
2.  Angles- 2nd sheet due Thursday AM
3.  Underground test Monday- Study
4.  Measurement on angles- test Friday- Study
5. French skit plus props- memorize plus bring.
6.  Scholastic- due Friday.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Tuesday, May 10

1.  10 pages of behaviour story should be illustrated, coloured and outlined in felt by wed. AM.  Lots of class time given to finish today.
2.  Math- measuring angles sheet handed in today or tomorrow AM by 8:30.
3.  Letter re: field trips in June: pls try to circle and sign and return ASAP.  Then, I will be able to send out official field trip forms.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Monday, May 9

1. Children's Behaviour story- 10 pages completely illustrated and colored and outlined in felt or pencil crayon- due Wednesday.  We aim to complete the book by next week so we can read them to our little buddies!
2.  We started Geometry and will be measuring angles tomorrow with a protractor.  Kids can take protractors home after tomorrow and practise.
3.  More Math tests from Friday went home today; pls sign and return.

Kids are trying out right now for the Zone Track Meet, so there are some extra "Gym" classes right now for all the Intermediate grades.  

I dropped off 2 massive bags full of towels, toys, leashes, etc.  for the dogs and cats at the SPCA on Saturday.  I will be dropping off a cheque to the SPCA on Wednesday.  Thank you so much again for your generosity.  I will try to give you a total once all the change/money has been counted!  The JDRF Walk is in early June and I will be dropping off the money-cheque for the JDRF that day.  Thank you!

Friday, 6 May 2016

Friday, May 6

1.  Behaviour stories- optional to illustrate- more time given in class for 2 weeks.
2.  Year end field trip letter/forms to come home next week.  Wildlife Park, Canada Games Pool and Falcon Lanes are main ones.
3.  Study multiplication!
4.  Some kids got Math tests back; sign and return.  The rest will be given back Monday.

Students had a lot of fun with SPCA and JDRF draws!  If kids were absent, friends chose for them and the prizes are on their desks.  Thanks again for all your support!

Nolan Viesner won runner up - $50.00 for the Firefighters Burn Poster Contest for the region out of 850 entries!! Congratulations.  He will be donating it to the SPCA!  You can check out Nolan's artwork and  other winners/which charities to which  they donated on the B.C. Firefighters website.

Ben Facchinelli, Kate Zulinick and Risa Murdoch were 3 of the TOP 12 artists in Kamloops and region out of 150 artists from grades 4 to 7.  Way to go.  Your artwork will be framed professionally and hung at the Board office and returned next year.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Thursday, May 5

1.  Novel booklet of questions- all due Monday- lots of time provided in  class; should not be much or any homework.  Absences due to sickness can ask for extension.
2.  French Menu- duefriday.
 3.  Spelling Adjectives- Special unit- no test. Due Friday.
4.  Math fractions/decimals test-  Friday.  Study the practice test from today we reviewed!!
5.  JDRF/SPCA- My own pocketbook will be much smaller tomorrow when I write the cheques to match and double the kids' donations. Wow!!  Thanks for allowing your kids to be so generous. There are many prizes which my sons, my dog (he can't eat chocolate so I had to bring it in)  have donated; they will be drawn tomorrow.
6.  Special Friday- Kickball, so wear sun screen.  Also, boys or girls will win 30 minutes of supervised computer games.  Finally, there will be an, "Animals Share the World" video to help educate students about care of animals. Of course, we also have to take a Fractions test, work on Science vocabulary and project, etc.  Always lots to fit in- WORK HARD, PLAY HARD!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Wednesday, May 4

1.  Novel Booklet-due Monday...most finished and marked against another group; test TBA next week.  Drama project to come.
2.  French Menus- due Friday- many already handed in.
3.  Adjectives Spelling sentences- due Friday...  especially important to check for capitals, periods, neatness, etc.
4.  Handwriting sheet from today- due Thursday.
5.  JDRF/SPCA- towels, toys, money, whatever!  Thanks for all donations so far...a very generous class. I will have to open up my chequebook soon!  Last donations collected Friday.  Draws to win new and gently used books, stuffies, etc...treats if they brush their teeth and run...happens Friday.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Monday, May 2

1.  Thank you for supporting JDRF and SPCA...all these towels and this money is so generous.  We will keep it up until Friday and then have lots of draws.  Also, we will watch an animal welfare program on Friday and have kickball.  The kids work very hard and fast in here to get a lot of work done!
2.  Adjectives poster-due Wednesday,    plus sentences-special Spelling unit-25 adjectives- due Friday.  More time in class provided.
3.  Chapters 14/15/16/17 and 18- Novel study- due Monday.
4.  French menus- due tuesday to Friday, as many students were absent last week.
5.  All Potlatch Paragraphs  and residential school Poems are overdue-most have handed in.  We are onto second part of SS project.