Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Wednesday, Nov.30

1.  A newsletter is coming home from me.  It is regarding: skating drivers on Dec. 9th, homework and studying and upcoming Special Fridays.  Also, SS and Spelling tests are coming home; pls sign and rtrn if possible.  Lastly, hot dog order forms are coming home.

2.  Poetry- Poem we learned today with example sheet- first draft due Thursday.  Students had 1 hour to brainstorm and write it.  Most students handed it in already.

3.  Listen to your child sing the Christmas Concert songs if possible.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Monday, Nov. 28

1.  Thanks to the students; they showed the student teachers from Panama who visited our class today that they are awesome learners!
2.  Spelling unit 11- most students finished in class.  Homework if not done.  Parents can help edit before it gets handed in on Tuesday if they like.
3.  Memorize- Christmas songs for our Primary, plus grade 4,  Christmas Concert.  on Dec. 7th at 6:30.  Drop your child off at 6:15.  Students wear an elf or Santa hat, and perhaps a white shirt and black pants.  But any clean clothes, any color are great.
4.  School Twin day is Wednesday if the kids want to try to pair up with another student to try to match.
5.  Our class Special Friday is to watch Charlotte's Web on video, since we have read the story and are now studying the elements of the novel.  Please send a POPPED bag of popcorn, or send 50 cents for one. It is really hard to pop 24 bags back and forth from staffroom.  Thanks.  If not popcorn, baggie of vegetables or fruit for your child to munch on.
6.  Thanks for reminding your child not to throw snowballs, wreck others' massive snowballs, etc.. Bring appropriate gear and enjoy Winter!  Be nice to all.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Tuesday, Nov. 22

1.  Skating forms, official availability to help drive- please hand in by Friday!

2.  Math booklets done while TOC was in this AM; some students did not get very far.  TOC said lots of students were talking too much.  If possible, please get booklets done tonight.  If not, students will work on them during morning work time.
3.  Special Friday- Clay art for the kiln!  Mrs. Scollon is helping us!
4.  Practise basic adding and subtracting facts, as well as 2 and 5 times tables aloud with parents if possible nightly.  Makes for a much more confident Mathematician!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Thursday, Nov. 17

1.  It has been a busy week!  Students have been working on their clay Battles of the Plains of Abraham.  They have also enjoyed Math review contests at the board, Grammar group work to remind them of nouns, verbs and pronouns. Science cards on the Human Body are being finished and bonus Science Experiments are being shown for Special Friday.  We are also trying to retain memorization of provinces and capitals and learn the continents and oceans of the world.  In Computers, we are finally able to get on easily and most of us can enter our passwords into our GEDU Googledocs accounts and type a paragraph.

2.  Scholastic orders due: Friday

3.  Math pages 33 for gr. 3s and pg. 59 for gr. 4s- due Friday.  Most finshed in class.

4.  Acrostic Christmas poem and second Acrostic of choice- due Friday- Most finished in class.
5.  Spelling and Grammar (nouns, verbs, pronouns) test- Friday

Skating permission forms will come home next week; we have enough for parents drivers so hopefully everything will work!

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Thursday, Nov. 10

1.  Math- grade 4s to page 12 if possible.  Grade 3s to page 10 if possible.
2.  Poetry pictures- overdue.
3.  Finish Charlotte's Web by Monday if possible.  Parents can read to students if they like.
Enjoy your long weekend.  Thanks to all veterans!
 The students have done amazing art work that I am submitting to the Legion today.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Monday, Nov. 7

1.  Many students did not bring back their Poetry duotangs or their POLAR writing contest form.  They must bring forms back to school by tuesday if they want to be entered. 

2.  Students must bring back Legion Art contest forms by Thursday if they want to be entered.

3.  We have started multiplication and it would be great if you can keep drilling them at home or in the car on their 2 times tables (2 times 3, 2 times 6, 2 times 4, etc.).  We continue daily to review all concepts learned so far.

4.  Students should have read Charlottes Web by this coming Monday.  They are given 30 minutes per day in class.  If they have finished, they read their own choice for now.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Friday, Nov. 4

1.  There is a Legion Remembrance Day poster contest form to be signed by a parent.  We will be gluing the forms  to the back of the beautiful artwork the students have created and we will be submitting to the Legion to honour the veterans of all wars. If a parent signs the form and it is handed back to me by Monday or Tuesday, Nov. 7 or 8th, then I will be able to enter the art.  If the form is not back or you choose for your child NOT to enter the contest, then the art will not be entered.
2.  There is another contest form for poetry writing.  Please fill it out if you are OK with me submitting one of the poems your child has written so far for our unit. 
As well, there is a Poetry checklist sent home; please sign it and return it if possible.
3.  Kids enjoyed Show and Tell!  Thanks for letting them bring in the cool stuff!

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Thursday, Nov. 3

1.  Last day to bring in cans (or other food) and candy for the food Bank.  Thank you for helping support the community!

2.  Special Friday= Show and Tell.  Bring something of interest or tell something interesting!

3.  Spelling test Friday- Study from your agenda Halloween words.

4.  Capitals/Provinces test- Monday- study your pre test and clues in your duotang.

5.  Poetry- print out good copies of at least 7 of your poems you have written and i have corrected.  Draw pictures around them and color them.  Hand in Monday.  This is half of our poetry project finished!

6.  We started learning the easiest multiplication.  I showed them zero, one and two and five times tables.  At home, you can start asking them questions for quick recall so they can begin to memorize (ie- 2 times 3).  Grade 4s should definitely be working on this!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Tuesday, Nov. 1

1.  Finish Math difficult  addition  worksheet if you did not finish in class.  Due Wednesday if possible.

2.  Leave subtraction sheet on your desk for Wednesday AM or optionally get ahead at home.

3.  Think about clues to Provinces and Capitals as you will get a pre test Wednesday.   Real test will be Friday.  We will study in pairs in class.

4.  Students should have 2 or more Human Body Science cards done by now.  Some have 5 or 6 done.  If students do not have 2 done, they should stay in for 10 minutes at lunch as cards are not allowed to go home. Students have been sick or not focusing well, or need to ask teacher for more help immediately if they are behind.

5.  Spelling- Many students are suddenly not following criteria with neatness, format, ruler, accuracy of target words, etc., even after weekly review and reminders.  Some students have been asked to redo this week to improve their marks. Weekly corrections can be done at school as time is given.  Some students are ignoring this and are getting behind. Spelling is a red duotanga and you can ask your child to show you!

6.  Candy for Kids!  Optionally send in...thanks for your generosity and encouragement to your kids to give to those less fortunate.  Food and candy will go on Friday to charity.