Monday, 23 February 2015

Monday , Feb. 23

1.  Friday will be some anti bullying activities- Meanies Poem/Internet safety presentations.
2.  Wednesday- Pink shirt day for anti-bullying.
3.  Spelling- Unit 13- due Tuesday.
4.  Paragraph on Science based topic sheet- due Thursday.
5.  Long Division Math test- sign and return pls.  Scores were very good.  We will have 2 or 3 more tests on long division.  If student requires lots of extra help,  I'll be working one to one with him or her as much as possible.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Thursday, Feb. 19

1.  Carnival tonight!  Have fun!

2.  Some division tests home to be signed and returned-only the ones I have a chance to look over.
3.  Scholastic orders- due Monday now.
4.  Family Under the Bridge project-Brown paper bag art part- due this Monday.  Written assignments/other types-due:  March 2.  Kids should be trying to do about 10 extra minutes per night.  Kids were told to try to type at home or school, but that neatly printed work is also great!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wednesday, Feb. 17

1.  All 30 plus interview questions first draft are due: Thursday, Feb. 18 so we can type them in the computer lab Thursday.
2.  Brown paper bag itself(the art part) is due: Monday, Feb. 23.  All written assignments or "other" are due: Tuesday, March 3.  There will be no extensions, unless students are sick for 3 weeks plus, as we have had plenty of time to work on this. Report cards will start to be written after this.
3.  Study Unit 12 Spelling words for quiz Thursday. Students are supposed to have written words in agenda as well for study purposes.
4.  No Paragraph this week due to finish up projects.
5.  Chinese New Year Goat art should be on the wall ready for evaluating.
6.  Group Internet Safety booklets due: Monday.
7.  Feb. 25- Anti-bully Day- please wear pink.
8. No school Friday- teachers will be at workshops.
9.  Carnival Thursday night- have fun!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Monday, Feb. 16

1.  Last couple days to donate CARNIVAL basket stuff for Picnic theme. Thanks from PAC for your support.
2.  Carnival Thursday night; no school Friday-Pro- D. Day.
3.  Scholastic orders- dueThursday.
4.  Spelling- 11 words times 5 each, plus once in your agenda.  Study for test Thursday.
 5.  Handwriting- letter m, M- due Tuesday.
6.  5 students are still having great difficulty with long division; this is mainly because students need to be able to know their multiplication facts really quickly, or division becomes  complicated for them.  Ask your child some questions and see how fast he or she can answer.  Thanks!  2 minute drill out of 30 Tuesday.

7.  Long division test out of 20 Thursday- we review each day together on board and students complete assignments, usually in class so I can help them.  If students have been absent it may be difficult for those students on the test Thursday.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Thursday, Feb. 12

1.  As usual, please refer to kids' agendas if BLOG did not get posted. I have psoted one all week and yet, it looks as though the last one was Last Friday!

2.  Valentine's "Party"= educational contests, plus art=11 AM to 12 PM plus 1:00 to 2:00.  Thanks for letting your child sign up to bring a snack.  Pleas send in by 11 AM. Also, as I have outlined to kids, Valentines cards are a GO as long as there is one for everybody.

3.  Spelling words plus test- Friday.  Study.

4.  Paragraph- Bullying- due Friday.   We have been doing a lot of work on bullying and how to deal with one.  Also, what can a victim or a bystander do?  We are often using vocab such as HOT, COLD, COOL to solve problems.  Ask your child what they means if you would like some conversation around this area.

5.  Continue to work on Family Under the Bridge project 10 min. per night at home.
6.  CARNIVAL basket- please send in anything for our PICNIC theme ASAP.  Friday, Monday or Tuesday.  Thanks!

Math news- We are heavy into long division.  Most kids were very frustrated until we had done many examples.  No, most kids understand the process.  Those that are having difficulty are mainly those that have not memorized times tables for accuracy and SPEED.  This is the point where not knowing Math facts really starts to affect report card marks.  Just FYI...some students need more practise at home, in the car, etc..  Thanks for helping your child!

Friday, 6 February 2015

Friday, Feb. 6

1.  Carnival Basket donations..thanks.
2.  No homework except optional Novel Study Project, especially if students have been absent.

Have a great long weekend/family day!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Thursday, Feb. 5

1.  Carnival stuff for baskets-thanks.
2.  Family Under the Bridge test- wow!  Great marks! Average score was 26 out of 29 for grade 4 students, 32 out of 37 for grade 5 students. Thanks for studying!  Please note that if kids are on vacation or sick, etc.., they still must take most tests when they return.  Thank you for your understanding.

3.  Agenda check is Friday- kids do not require parent signatures, but they are expected to show me that their notes are comprehensive and accurate with fairly correct spelling, capitals, etc..

4.  Paragraphs- Ocean-
 sick kids did not have to do one.
 Due Friday...hopefully edited by peer or parent for spelling, punctuation and grammar (not their ideas).  You point out their errors; they fix them.

5.  Kids have earned Special Friday, which is ART day.  We will be making our brown paper bag art for novel study, finishing our ocean themed watercolour art and doing some Chinese New Year Goat zen doodles, etc...

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Wednesday, Feb. 4

1.  Carnival basket donations- thanks from PAC!
2.  Family Under the Bridge test- we studied in class for an hour with cue cards and peers.  Study at home tonight.  Test Thursday.
3.  Novel study project- continue to try to do 10 min. per night.
4.  Interview questions- should have 10 written.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Monday, Feb. 2

1.  Family Under the Bridge- test Thursday.
2.  Paragraph on Ocean Life- use facts from video- due Friday.  You will get paragraph books back Tuesday to finish and edit.
3.  CARNIVAL basket picnic theme donations.