Monday, 23 January 2017

Monday, Jan. 23

1.  Kids are working hard in partners on their Science Environment tips posters.

2.  Math Jump workbook- grades 3s are working to complete pages 68, 69, 72 and 73.
       Grade 4s have been working on FSA tests and are now continuing pages 76 and 77 in Jump.

3.  Spelling Unit 17- due Wednesday.

4.  Owls in the Family- Vocabulary sentences to number 10 due Tuesday.

Vicki and the Brain Injury Association will be in on Friday to educate the kids about the risks of head injuries and the importance of appropriate risk taking and wearing helmets.   There will also be a school assembly on Friday.

We have collected a little bit for our ART PAC basket for the Winter Carnival; thanks to anyone who was able to send something in.  If you have not already and are able, we really need: Scrapbooking paper, gel pens, sharpies and stickers.  Thanks!

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